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What I am Taking To Valhalla

Here is a little video I put together quickly showing off the armies and models I am taking to the Valhalla event next week. One thing of special interest, is that all of these models on the table fit into my new Battlefoam case with the exception of the Stormraven. That case fits a ton of models.

In the video there are several custom models, including Asdrubael Vect near the beginning, several custom Archons, a chained Farseer, Duke Siliscus (with all the blades), Venoms, Raiders/ Ravagers, and a custom Inquisitor (girl with the big gun and blade) towards the end of the video.

I plan on being able to get in lots of games next week, with many different lists and armies.

I know a couple people have asked about my plasti-card destroyed vehicle markers and they are in the video. Nothing special about them, just cut outs of the vehicle outlines made out of plasti-card.

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  1. A most impressive collection! It's hard to believe that everything (minus the stormraven!) fits into that one case.... I definitely need to get one now

  2. Video "soundtrack" was very annoying/distracting. I appreciate you can turn it off, but that's not really the point - a quick voiceover of what everything is would have been much better

  3. I disagree - I think the soundtrack is great. Voiceover would have been a snoozefest.

  4. It all looks really good, I love the Asdrubael conversion. So simple yet so wonderfully apt.

  5. looks nice but you have to work on your camera focus lol

  6. Impressive collection. Are you planning on making a DE aegis line cos I'd love to see what you come up with.

    1. my plans are to wait to see what Games Workshop comes up with for non imperial fortifications

  7. Great looking army! Good luck at the event.

  8. Amazing, Natfka! Best of luck with the journey. Can't wait for your reports from Valhalla. Despite the demands of work & some killer migraines, I've been a painting machine. Got 9 Plague Marines finished Monday after some serious time put in last week, then almost done with 4 of my 8 PM Plasma gunners; will get those finished by 1:00 tomorrow, if all goes well, then on to the 4 Aspiring Champions. But my daughter will be home from college in about an hour and a half, and she's only home for less than a week before she heads off to her summer gig, so I'm not likely to get much hobby time in next week (which is fine), and then the week after I'm out of town to teach a class all week. So, there's going to be a big gap in my painting progress...

    On a positive note, my Forge World order came in this past Tuesday, which puts it at just over 1 week from the time I ordered it until it arrived in AZ. Pretty good, I'd say. Picked up 2 more sets of 3 Plague Toads to use as Beasts of Nurgle, and two Plague Hulks for Nurgle Soul Grinders. My plan is to conscript a couple of my hobby buddies to build the legs while I keep painting Death Guard, and then get a set of Plague Drones built so I can figure out how to design some new Battle Foam trays for all of my Daemons. We'll see how that plan works out... LOL!

    Anyway, sorry for the over-tired, late night rant... :-)