It looks like Matt Ward's first book in a while is about to hit Warhammer Fantasy. Yes, he is now being said to be the author of the new High Elves. Of course there is more here than that, but its going to be interesting to see Matt's next book. Now I am really starting to get curious as to who will be doing the Eldar.

Please remember that these are still considered to be rumors, until book is in hand.

Warhammer: High Elves
· 96 page full-colour, hardback Warhammer armies book written by Mat Ward.

High Elves Flamespyre Phoenix/ Frostheart Phoenix
· This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Flamespyre Phoenix or a Frostheart Phoenix, two completely new monster miniatures for Warhammer, along with two mighty warriors of renown that can ride them.

High Elves Lothern Skycutter
· This completely new flying chariot is a multipart plastic kit that can be assembled in one of three different ways. Either as a flying chariot drawn by Swiftfeather Roc, upgraded to include an Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower or a mount for a Sea Helm a new High Elf Hero.

High Elves Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn
· This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either ten Shadow Warriors armed with Longbow and Sword or 10 Sisters of Avelorn, a new High Elf unit armed with magical Bows of Avelorn.

Loremaster of Hoeth
· This clampack contains a new High Elf warrior mage, the Loremaster of Hoeth as he charges into battle casting a fireball spell on a sculpted base.

Repackaged High Elf Battalion
· Contains 20 Spearmen, 20 Archers, 8 Silver Helms and a High Elf Chariot (that can be assembled as a Tiranoc Chariot or a Lion Chariot of Chrace).

Uniforms and Heraldry of the High Elves Book
·72 page full-colour, hardback Uniform and Heraldry guide detailing the colour schemes, crests, banners and blazonry of the ten realms of the High Elves.

New Finecast Releases
Alarielle the Radiant
· A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Edgar Ramos. Alarielle is the Everqueen of Ulthuan her miniature strides forward with roses bursting to life beneath her feet as she strides over a piece of Chaos Warrior armour.

Handmaiden of the Everqueen
· A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Darren Latham. The Handmaiden is a warrior champion of the Everqueen

Available While Stocks Last
These Items are highly limited, please request the quantity you require and we will supply you as close to this number as we can.

Warhammer Battle Magic: High Elves
·Eight cards that define the unique effects of High Elf spells and are great to help keep track of the spells used by each of the wizards on the battlefield.


  1. I think Matt Ward has supposedly been the author of every army book and codex for the last year at about this stage in the rumours, so I'll wait a while longer ;)

    But I still expect the wailing and teeth gnashing to start aaaany time now...

    1. This is straight out of White Dwarf and seems 100% legit to me. I'll be very surprised if Ward is not the actual author. Let's hope he does a better job here than his recent disgrace of an army book: Daemons of

  2. First book in a while?
    I thought he did Daemons Of Chaos for Fantasy?

  3. Phil Kelly on a new Eldar dex would make me excited. Vetock updating another old book would be unbearable. If Matt Ward gets back to back book releases the uproar should be a spectacle forever etched into GW lore.

    Anyone else still a rules guy?

    1. What's with the vetock hate? I think the Tau dex is pretty solid. My only beef with it is the lack of more new units. Even with the new units that came with the update we still have around 10 fewer choices than any other, relatively current, army. But he can't write rules without models so thats not on him.

      OK. Full disclosure, I have several other problems with the dex, but that was the main one.

    2. I play DA, that's what's up...

      Wait for the shiny finish to wear off your Tau book, then get back to me.

    3. Another troops option is needed even if it's IG in a limited way. Or may drone squadrons troops. Lots of great fast attacks choices but only 3 slots to fill :(. Cadre Fireblade should have been a FW up-grade like Longstrike is. Also more power for the Ethereal's, while not Psychic powers if the Ethereal had 6 options to pick that would have been cool.

  4. Matt Ward writes fine rules; just crappy fluff. He at least gives everyone something powerful and fun.

    Kelly won't write Eldar twice in a row. Besides, he was responsible for the worst offense in 40k history: the 12 straight months of Space Wolves dominance at tournaments that took place after it's release. Up to 40 people at a time were playing Counts As using that book in some events.

    Ward will make High Elves strong and entertaining to use. The fluff will be unbelievably ridiculous. To me that says he loves the world. You ever read PP fluff? Ward looks brilliant compared to that crap. Nearly everyone who cries about Ward is simply going along with the groupthink - grounded in nothing.

    1. Grey Knights were 50x worse than Wolves. Wolves balanced out in the long run, Grey Knights are still silly.

    2. Though I will say I liked what Ward did with Necrons and Vanilla Marines.

    3. Ward codexes usualy include units that are super cheap and powerfull that you would be mad not to take while aldo including units that are so lackluster that you would never take them. Take the cron codex for example 100pts for a flying super autocannon and you can easily fit 6 in a low point army while flayed ones and ctan are so bad they hurt your army ro take them.

    4. Vanilla marines have become one of the most even armies over time.

      Necrons though? The recent Adepticon results show just how ridiculous they have become with 6th edition. It's nothing personal against Ward, but surely you can admit that Necrons are rather ridiculous.

    5. Sure, Necrons are top tier and their flyers are pretty stupid, but it only really gets into the territory of ridiculous if you write your list like a jerk. Most of the units are just good, and the fluff was pretty decent.

    6. Exactly....

      I want the Eldar to get a Heldrake. Vetock's books are so weak...

    7. In the topic of the Necron flyer. It is possible it's rules were written and printed BEFORE finalizations for the flyer rules in the 6ed book. Before that they were extremely "meh" anyways.

  5. Don't forget that the Helldrake is Phil Kelly's brainchild.

    1. and caos space marines book is a good one

    2. So were Daemons of Chaos and we saw how well they turned out...

      Phil Kelly copy/pasted the last Eldar codex which is why is sucks so's a third edition codex that was pasted into 4th. His entire writing career has been completely hit or miss (Space Wolves/CSM = Strong; Dark Eldar/Daemons = Very weak). Luckily it seems every other book is decent so Eldar may turn out alright assuming he doesn't copy and paste his 4th edition book.

  6. Ulthuan will spend half its time in the Warp.

  7. Great...
    New Maidens of Avelorn unit:
    +1 S, +1A, only equipped with BOWS!
    Curiously referred to as "Celestians"...

    If its true all elves are being written simultaneously it could foreshadow the new wardancer ability "Wardian Crud Dance"

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  9. So the high elf fluff will include your "spiritual liege" and mass killings of SoB ;)

  10. You can all thank me later -


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