In a few short hours the latest White Dwarf will be released, and everything inside it will be scrutinized to the minute detail. So lets get a jump on some of the information for High Elves.

Please remember that while this is said to be coming out of the White Dwarf, its still a rumor until we get the magazine in hand.

via Sir_Glonojad over on Warseeer
So, White Lions seem to not have any stats changed. They have ASF, freely move around areas with a lot of trees, MP, "lazy" , VoA.

I have problem reading the stats of the Chariot  and the rules are: ASF for crew, can make you tremble, "lazy", VoA.

Dragon Princes' stats stay the same. SRs are ASF (riders), MP, VoA.

Dragon Mage's stats seem to have remained the same, too. He casts fire spells with an extra +2 bonus but never receives dispel bonuses. The first spell generated is always a lightsaber... err.. You know the drill .

Swordmasters' stats are so blurry I am not sure of many of them but their high WS and number of attacks is intact as far as I can tell. Standard SR plus a certain Jedi trick.

Loremaster stats are even worse (to read), but seem to have Bladelord's stats with lordly Wounds and Strength of a Prince/Noble. They're level 2 wizards from the start. Can't generate spells - they always get the eight "typicals".

Nothing of note can be said about the Militiamen, but this entry does not include the Lothern Sea Guard.

- Imrik is in the book and it rides a dragon with next attributes:
15,9,0,8,8,1,7,9 Saves:2+/5+, S5 template, Lvl 2 mage
- All dragons can choose Lore of Fire
- Banner of the World Dragon remains
- Book of Hoeth is renamed (same cost). Gives irresistible force with doubles and Loremaster
- There is an expensive weapon that gives +3S
- Dragon Mage wears dragon armour
- No dragons on rare units


  1. The WD is very much out down here, the models are super, super sexy. Except the Loremaster, which is a shame since I looooove the other plastic characters released so far.

  2. "Book of Hoeth is renamed (same cost). Gives irresistible force with doubles and Loremaster"....Really? That's better then what it was before. WTF!!!

  3. Book of hothe on sword master Mage? Does that mean every battle magic spell?!?!

    1. I doubt it. It'll probably say that only their generic mages can take it.

    2. Actually, it's too expensive for them to take.

  4. The stats on those phoenixes look pretty amazing. Frost in particular.


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