Some Retailers are already reporting that they are already having a hard time getting Tau models. I have included a letter from a UK company that was forwarded to me explaining that they do not expect to get some models until April 19th.

I am sure that GW stores will get all their orders, but be aware that the demand for Tau seems to be overwhelming the supply, and for some there may be a delay in getting the models that you want.

Here is the bulk of the letter being sent to customers of Dark Sphere Unlimited in the UK. I am unsure of other retailers that are effected, but I think its important that readers are aware there may be some delays.

A letter from Dark Sphere Unlimited via a reader from Faeit 212
Dear Customers,
Late yesterday afternoon we were informed that due to an unpredicted level of demand, Games Workshop are unlikely to be able to supply many of the new Tau models due for launch this Saturday.

According to a conversation we had with Games Workshop's Trade Department, virtually the entire range of Tau is now out of stock. Games Workshop's own site has removed the launch date and put an expected one to two week wait on these products.

A small part of the range (mainly the new Tau Codex) are unaffected and we should still receive significant quantities of these in time for Saturday; some of the others (e.g. Hammerhead) we still expect to receive this week but we will be unable to reorder additional stock for a small period. Unfortunately, the most popular new products (e.g. Riptide Battlesuit, new XV8 Commander and Commander Shadowsun) are in such high demand that instead of the hundreds that we requested we are likely to only end up with a handful, if any, for release day.

Based on current Games Workshop estimates we expect Riptides to be available in proper numbers around 19th April. In the mean time we have shifted the release date for those products to the 19th April since the stock shortage effectively pushes the release back to then.  Any stock we receive in the meantime will be allocated in date order, so the earliest orders get the priority since they will be the customers who have been waiting the longest.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this delay may cause and assure you that any frustration or disbelief you are experiencing is matched by all the staff at Dark Sphere.

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