Blight Wheel Miniatures has received a letter from Games Workshop regarding its miniatures infringing on GW's intellectual property rights. Now once you look at this you can definitely tell where the violation is, and while receiving a scary letter like this, its not the end of the world for Blight Wheel Miniatures.

Now for the most part we are all aware of the battle between Chapterhouse and GW, and I do not think this will end up going to court by any means. (no reason for it to). However, that all depends on Blight Wheel and their response to this. We wish them the best of luck.

So here are pics of the letters of what they received and a link to their site. I am sure they are posting these simply to garner support for themselves, but I honestly think it will do the exact opposite (opinion). My suggestion is to simply follow the actions  in the the stop and desist letter sent, and move on. (I also would not of went public, but I guess its their right to cry foul).

via Blight Wheel Miniatures

Something bad .....
Ok we found this in our spam box .. too late....
so we don't understand all the words they use, but we comprise they don't want we distribute our mini, we must found lawyers who can help us to understand all the content (for traduce in French legal term)

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