I'm packed up and ready to go, wishing of course that I had finished a couple more models now, but I will be OK with what I am bringing.

My plans are do to a lot of pics and videos over this next week
*Exclusive inside look at the Valhalla Event
*Continuing Coverage of the High Elf Army book release
*Rumors and News will Continue like normal.
*A full review of the RJ-16 Batlefoam Case after using it to get through the airport and travel
*More than likely, some battle reports and briefs.

Until then, I have to be up early to catch a plane, so good night.


  1. I love that Bag I purchased 1 for myself for GenCon. May it serve you well on your travels to Valhalla. Mine is cased with some good guy armies not evil Grey Knights, and Dark eldar but with Salamanders and Heavy Gear Blitz WFPA, and some High Elves!

  2. Good luck, be safe, have fun.

  3. Best of luck, Natfka, and safe travels! Looking forward to your posts from Valhalla.

    I'm eagerly anticipating my trip to Valhalla in August, but at the same time wishing time would slow down a bit so I can get everything painted that I want to get painted.

    On a positive note, a friend of mine got one of my Plague Hulks (Nurgle Soul Grinder) 90% built on Saturday in much less time than I think it would've taken me, whist I frantically kept painting. That takes one item off my to-do lust, and allows me to get that much closer to figuring out what foam I need for the Battle Foam PACK 720 that I'm going to use for my Daemons. I just need to either get a set of Plague Drones built, or wait for BF to add their patterns to their custom tray builder app, which hopefully will be very soon. (I stopped in to the BF Gaming Saloon Saturday night to pick up a 4" Pluck foam tray to consolidate my 2 Hedrakes into a single tray, and Bill, the guy who works the Saloon, said he'd already built a unit of Plague Drones for the foam guys to work out a pattern(s), and that Romeo wouldn't have paid for the box of Drones & had Bill build them if they weren't going to end up as patterns. LOL. So, hopefully they'll show up soon; will call this week to see if I can get an ETA.).

    Anyway, didn't mean to rant on, just wanted to pass that along. If you buy Battle Foam custom trays, know that they are always adding new patterns to the online app to give us more options with as many models as they can...

    Godspeed, Natfka!


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