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Eldar Whispers

Until last night's plastic Farseer, Eldar had been very quiet on the rumor front. While on my end the emails have kept the Eldar discussion alive, there has been nothing that was either new, was not speculation, or was not repeated rumors.

There has been some talk though that a couple employees have let the cat out of the bag saying that Eldar are indeed coming in June. Whether this is simply a rumor reverb or some real confirmation has been impossible to ascertain.

On the small chance that someone does indeed know, and not just repeating what they read here or on another site, I thought I would at least report that these emails are coming in to my inbox and what they are saying about a new Eldar release.

While I am not going to go into the detail, the quotes were something like this
"yes, they will be here in June"
"just wait 2 months you'll be happy"
"after high elves"

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  1. I remember when rumors said they wouldnt come till November x)

  2. I am so excited for the coming Eldar release. After the quality of the recent Dexes, even if they just keep it on par,I'll be happy.
    Tau has been the best codex in 6th ed thus far. Demons was the closes we've had to a goose egg and even Demons are fairly solid. A few major gaffs, but still a solid, fun book to play. I can't see them flunking this one too hard, especially with all the focus on psionics this time out. 6th ed seems MADE for Eldar.

  3. I am so excited for this. I've always loved anything elfish and after a year I finally got to start a dark eldar army back in December. I'm so excited to get an army of my craft world cousins

  4. Willing to bet eldar are gonna get the same issue with the dark kin as csm and daemons...So natfka & everyone else, enjoy Lelith with a enhancing Warnock while you can. I'm gonna miss ws 10, i 10.

  5. I first got into this game with eldar and have cycled through many armies. I am very glad to hear my first starting army and my favorite ( mostly Iyanden craftworld for me ) will finally get an update. Oh bank loan, here I come.

  6. I'm so ready for some quality eldar rumors. Going to get as many games in with the current dex in case the new one is a flop.

  7. I can't see the codex being a flop. The 6th ed books so far have all been solid imo.

  8. We all had a pretty good idea that Eldar were next but whats after that. So far its all been a bit thin. I'm looking forward to new Orks

  9. Not to be a negative Nancy or anything, but I feel that employees may not always be in the loop with what is going to be released. I talked to a gamesworkshop employee who has been working their for quite a while and who I know pretty well. He told me that elder were scheduled for august, with apocalypse in June.

    1. eric,
      you are assuming that these are retail store employees. One of these was, the other two were not.

    2. Oh, ok, that makes more sense. I am really hoping for eldar to be released in June