High Elves are just around the corner, and we are getting more specifics about what High Elf fans will be seeing in the days to come.

Please remember that these are still rumors until book is in hand.

via BramGaunt on Warseer
Sea Helm provides his chariot with a 4+ invul save. If he joined a unit, it can make a free regroup after it has been charged (!)
Annointed is a pricy Lord with a 4+ invuln save

Frostheart Phoenix gives enemy units in b2b -1 strength and always strikes last
Flameheart deals d6 s4 hits to a unit he flies over , and d3 hits per every aditional rank the unit has. It can ressirect with full life.

Skycutter has s5, t4 and 4 wounds
Can have a s5 bolt thrower
Less then 100 points

Shadowwariors drop in points
Swordmasters, white lions, archers drop in points. Wl and sm more then archers. Lion chariot and bolt thrower drop significantly in points.

Loremaster is quiet expensive

Allarielle is a S4 mage, grants her unit a 5+ invul against non magical attacks, can heal herself or anither character, may grant +1 to hit for 1 turn (cc and ranged), all allied witards which use lore of life or lore of light get +4 on casting


  1. Thanks for the rumors for high elves, its really nice to see fantasy getting attention. I know this is a 40k blog, but i started fantasy long before and honestly prefer the setting, but 40k is more fun to play right now. And with high elves being my fun to paint army, I'll be able to get these outta my mind before i move back to my Eldar. :-)

  2. hmmm sw and wl lower point cost that makes me happy ;) but it seems that they are trying to make the flying ugliness the new must have in the HE army.

    Sadly enough nothing about sea guard I am very curios about there stats and point cost, hopefully they drop in cost too.

  3. Loving the points reductions. I also want to thank you for doing Fantasy rumors. I love having a one stop shop so to speak for my GW rumor goodness.

  4. Please keep going with the fantasay roumors.

  5. As i play both Warhammer 40k and Warhammer FB. This site give me everything in one place. Thank you.

  6. Any news on either a Teclis nerf or points increase?

  7. He's gonna get nerfed look what Mat did to Fateweaver.


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