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Archon Wraith

Going back 17 years, I have redone my Archon from ages past. In the past days of his glory, he was a massive combat drug addict, who often ended his games Overdosed and dead upon the battlefield. Well his days of constant re-admissions into drug rehab are done.

The Archon has become obsessed with living at the very edge of existence, and now is armed with a Djinn Blade that may very well take his own life one day, and a shoulder mounted blaster. Of course a Soul Trap and Shadowfield come standard.

Once I wrap up the other archons, I will get some proper pictures in place.

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  1. Glad to hear my Archon was never alone at those rehabs! Of course I have a feeling those drugs were what powered his Shadow Field, cause they fail first time, every time now!

  2. That rehab would be full of Archons, Dracons, Wyches and Hellions.

  3. These look really good. Nice work