English copies of the codex are now hitting the internet. We are only a couple days out now from having the codex in hand, but for those that are chomping at every waking moment (and sleeping ones for that matter) any additional information is welcome. Here is the latest on Tau leaks.

via Hawke
shadowsun - 3+ armour 5+ invul, all drones optional 20 points each. 3+ invul drones. can join stealthsuits, any stealthsuit in her unit automatically passes Look out sir rolls

farsight - Dawnblade strength as user, ap 2, armourbane. prefered enemy orks, can have body guard unit of 7 suits, not much else

disruption pod - 15 points, +1 to cover save

targeting array - gone

shas'el - seems to be gone

vespid - 4+ Armour 18 points, stealth in Ruins, Jump infantry

Sunshark - bomb generator can make 1 per turn if bomb is dropped on a 2-6, on a 1 loses power

sky ray - 115 points, velocity tracker as standard

Neuroweb System Jammer - curse any unit within 12" with gets hot, didn't notice if it was one use only.

iridium armour- 2+ armour +1 toughness, no downside

Supporting Fire - Any unit within 6" of a unit being charged can fire as if Overwatching, counts as that units overwatch for turn.

Shield Drones are also 12 points

Vespid have Hit and Run

Automated Repair System - Can repair a vehicle on a of an immobilization or weapon destroyed on a roll of a 6. think it was in the movement phase but not completely sure of that.

Advanced Targeting System grants the user precision shots on a roll of i think a 6

Krootox did not appear to remove Infiltrate from the kroot unit (sorry but i only had a chance to quickly glance over the kroot page since i was trying to find information on the Sunshark bomb generator and the targeting array primarily)

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