We all know a new mystery release is coming very soon with the rumored name, Dread Fleet. The release date is September 17th. Today I have pics of what GW store employees are handing out. They are little cards advertising the new Dread Fleet release. So if you do not have a local store near you, above is the front, and below is the back. Or perhaps I have it reversed.

Here is a link to what we expect from Dread Fleet. http://natfka.blogspot.com/2011/08/specialist-game-suprise.html


  1. Intriguing... Is this a single box release?

  2. I forgot to link to the rumors posted here about Dread Fleet.

    Posted above now as well. But yes, we are expecting a box,something like Space Hulk was.

  3. Ofcourse is Sept 17 going to be the day of the release or the day the info drops and pre orders open.

    Still does not matter to me not going to buy it. Even if the minis are awesome. I have more than enough unpainted and unplayed games to add another.

  4. @eriochrome: Agreed. I need to paint about 50 models and I normally take 4hours per model


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