It seems that Empire just might be the next codex for Warhammer Fantasy. The latest calls for their release within 6 months, placing them sometime around Febuary or March.

I know we were talking that Bretonnians would fill that entry slot for Fantasy, but it just shows us how much is not locked down and well known. I often feel like we get more solid rumors for 40k than we do fantasy.

Just remember that these are rumors and to take with a grain of salt. I would hope that as the next month or so rolls around, we should start hearing more Fantasy rumors so we can lock down which codex will be next.

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So i understand empire will get 4 kits. Knights obviously. 2 character ones (cant properly remember which ones but if you notice the priest of morr rules i would guess WP's will get a kit). And a new war atlar. The Altar kit will be a dual kit. The second option will be a Nuln seige cannon. Massive cannon used to defend the walls of nuln.

I can't comment on how solid these are. But it's not the first - and probably not the last - I've heard over the last few weeks. It seems to me like the Empire is not too far away, meaning somewhere in the next six months.

Something more: the knight mentioned are supposedly not replacements of the current knights, but demi-gryph knights. See Warhammer Forge for reference.

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Empire are not getting updates of current knights, there are different cav coming though. The old crappy horses/knights remain. War altar makes something else, but afaik it's not a cannon of any kind.

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No salt required fits with something I heard about a choice of priests.
.... and that would be Myrmidia.

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i really shouldnt mention it but some things are back from 4th ed?.. im thinking
warrior priest of morr/ sigmar/ ulric, the ulric may be a re release from soc
oh and a special warrior priestess of myramidia?
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I heard more Knightly Orders, not just one box of generic knights, plus warrior priests halflings and some characters, including a female. Never heard anything about a war altar/cannon kit, I heard a vague whisper of a war altar/war wagon kit.

Oh, forgot about demigrpyh/griff/griffon cavalry. Looking forward to seeing those actually.


  1. *cough* Army Book *cough* Sorry to be a grammar N-word but it really irks me... Especially because I play TK and people say TK codex and Necron codex in the same context.

  2. What about these Vampire Counts Rumblings?

  3. To be honest, I have never used the term army book, and I do not think people around here do either. However, its an easy proper thing for me to fix. Army book vs Codex.

    It can also be said though that codex is used around here, because so very few people play fantasy, and those that do, played 40k first.


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