I have been working pretty hard on my purifiers this week. I have 40 of them, and I decided (which was not a real good idea), to do all 40 purifiers at once.

I do not like the super shiney silver that I see on most of the models, so I tried something else. I primered the models black first, and then painted with boltgun metal for a darker metal appearance.

The one thing I do not like about Grey Knights. Its one chapter. No other chapters are really supposed to exist, which means that you can either create your own and say they do have chapters derived from themselves (an even greater secret than their existence), or work in one paint scheme.

I decided to keep it pretty standard.

Overall, I have 40 purifiers to finish, which I have a good jump on. 4 Rhinos, and 5 Dreadnaughts are next. Then its just a few minor  misc models here and there, which includes Crowe, a Grand Master, and some more Psykers.

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