Sometimes I get some pretty interesting things in my inbox. Today I thought I would share one of these, a Grey Knight Titan. Well, lets call it a Black Knight Titan. I congratulate anyone that spends the time and effort to build a titan, and this ones pretty cool.

Via Joe
Well, more like black knights. My GK are Ruinous, thats right, corrupt, evil...(Kaldor draigo brought back a nasty infection from the warp.I just cant play as good guys.)

They call themselves the Morlocks.

And now we have a warlord, well actually its an imperator. Its 10 feet taller than the dies irae.(47 meters, the dies is 43.)(its 37.5 in, weighing in at what feels like 37 lbs.

Here is a link to more pictures of the Titan.
Black Knight Titan

Faeit 212 Community News

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