I get asked this quite a bit, so I thought I would post up what I think is the most likely candidates for our 2012 release schedule. I think 2012 will be an exciting year for 40k, assuming the world does not end (Mayan calendar ends next year). I think we will see the all powerful and awaited Chaos Legions. Tau and their allies will make an appearance, and 6th edition will alter our perceptions.

Lets take a closer look at the possibilities. First off, I know that we have had power armour, non power armour, power armour releases, but I do not believe that this is a hardfast rule for GW in their releases. If it is, just swap out chaos legions for March and Tau for June. Please remember that is quite a bit of speculation beyond that Necrons should be here in November.

November 2011- Necrons

2012 Releases
March- Tau
June- Chaos Legions
August- 6th edition
Starter being Chaos vs (Eldar or Black Templar) Most say Black Templar
November- Black Templar


  1. If it is rhw Black Templaters in the BIG game box... I am buying the box....hold one for me now.... Peloquin yeah

  2. LOL :D
    if there was realy a new adition it would be SM

    and at least one SM dex a year... CSM doesn´t count :P

  3. Many of the rumors anon, have been pointing towards no standard blue marines in the starter set. These rumors have been incoming over the last year from several different sources. So I give it a good shot at happening.

    A Black Templar dex shortly following 6th edition would fall into that category of 1 marine codex a year.

  4. 2012... please, god, let me see the rulebook for w40k and then make armageddon happen

  5. @ natfka
    they never did not puplish a new vanilla dex after a new edition of the game
    BT used to be in a starter box... BUT those were generic marines painted BT for the box

    we all know Ultras are the main PosterBoys for GW... and with a Film and a Game out why would they not put Ultras in the box... or should i say Generic marines you can paint wich ever way you like???

    Orks and Ultras are the way to go if you want to make sale with a starter kit... maybe nids instead of orks... but anything els is bad for sales
    And we all know who GW loves maxemising profits?!! :)

  6. also this wouldn´t be the 1st time several people are wrong about rumors...

    and the starter box rumors are all based on BoK bs talk to some secret friend at GW... and just got spread by everbody trying to file his blog with rumors
    Just as BoKs Summer of Flyers rumor... these will prove wrong...

  7. Any news on warhammer fantasy release schedule for 2012? Would be nice to see a complete estimated time scale for both systems.

  8. although a chaos/BT starter would be awesome, i just dont see it happening, i dont know i just got a feeling it will be more of the same, although i really hope im wrong and your right. :)

  9. My thoughts on a fantasy release schedule for next year is already being worked on. I had planned on releasing both today, but got a little behind dealing with a rental agency.

  10. Ok thanks alot Natfka. I look forward reading it

  11. Hey, Natfka, I have been keeping an eye on the 40k finecast, looking at what's not there. Most notably the absence of many Eldar units (especially Banshees), Imperial Guard Storm Troopers and Ogryns and a lot of Tau. The Tau I can understand as some of the kits are hybrids. Do you know if we will be seeing plastics of said absentees?

  12. I would expect Ogryns to go finecast in the near future. IG Storm Troopers I have heard nothing about, nor have I heard anything on specific eldar models.

    As far as Tau go, we know they are in the pipeline.

    Sisters of Battle are an enigma atm. We heard from Jes that new Sisters of Battle were scupted, and rumors from BoK were putting Sisters of Battle vs Chaos Legions for the 6th edition starter set. My money is still on Black Templar vs Chaos Legions. (with all the fun options for 2012, theres a good chance I would lose half that bet.)

  13. aslong as there are SM (i dont care what kind) in the starter box ill buy it

  14. Black Templars in the starter set sounds pretty likely - given that BT will also get featured in the new 40k MMO. It'd fit to a "promotion scheme".

  15. hello, i wanty BT to come out and high elves to be upgraded


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