This next year is the 25th anniversary of Blood Bowl. Does that mean we will see a new revision or release of the game? Perhaps we will, as this rumor says.

via Harry
Rumours of a new edition of Blood Bowl.

I first heard about this in 2007.
At the time I was writing articles for The watchman and this is what I said in a rumours article:
Blood Bowl was first released in 1987 That would make this year its 20th Anniversary (if my dates/maths are correct!) There were a lot of updates to the ‘living rulebook’ (online). I think this activity may have been due to the intended re-release of Blood Bowl this year although I can not say this for certain (but I can’t see Games Workshop waiting 5 years until the 25th anniversary).

This is just a hunch. (For those that don’t know me from Warseer my hunches are wrong most of the time!)

Aly Morrison and Mark Bedford have been working on new teams for some of the races with all individual players like the new Human team. And I think a number of these are completed and ready to go.

So it would seem I was wrong about them waiting another 5 years then.

I later found out I was also wrong about the teams being completed.

They were only 'planned' at the time.

But it seems like this is happening now:
75hastings69 has posted to say Blood Bowl is coming next year so that will be in 2012 for the 25th anniversary.
He also said this

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
So four teams of completely individual minis and a spammy new pitch wouldn't interest you?
As for rules why try and fix what isn't broken?

For those who don't know Hastings rumours are 99% fact.

So all we know so far is four nice new plastic teams, a new pitch and not much change to the rules.

Exactly what the four teams are has not been posted.

If the pitch is card, "astrogranite", plastic or cloth like the new Dread fleet also remains a mystery.

I will try to keep this first post updated with new rumours BUT ...

This release is still a good way off so don't be expecting lots of new information any time soon.

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