This next year is the 25th anniversary of Blood Bowl. Does that mean we will see a new revision or release of the game? Perhaps we will, as this rumor says.

via Harry
Rumours of a new edition of Blood Bowl.

I first heard about this in 2007.
At the time I was writing articles for The watchman and this is what I said in a rumours article:
Blood Bowl was first released in 1987 That would make this year its 20th Anniversary (if my dates/maths are correct!) There were a lot of updates to the ‘living rulebook’ (online). I think this activity may have been due to the intended re-release of Blood Bowl this year although I can not say this for certain (but I can’t see Games Workshop waiting 5 years until the 25th anniversary).

This is just a hunch. (For those that don’t know me from Warseer my hunches are wrong most of the time!)

Aly Morrison and Mark Bedford have been working on new teams for some of the races with all individual players like the new Human team. And I think a number of these are completed and ready to go.

So it would seem I was wrong about them waiting another 5 years then.

I later found out I was also wrong about the teams being completed.

They were only 'planned' at the time.

But it seems like this is happening now:
75hastings69 has posted to say Blood Bowl is coming next year so that will be in 2012 for the 25th anniversary.
He also said this

Originally Posted by 75hastings69
So four teams of completely individual minis and a spammy new pitch wouldn't interest you?
As for rules why try and fix what isn't broken?

For those who don't know Hastings rumours are 99% fact.

So all we know so far is four nice new plastic teams, a new pitch and not much change to the rules.

Exactly what the four teams are has not been posted.

If the pitch is card, "astrogranite", plastic or cloth like the new Dread fleet also remains a mystery.

I will try to keep this first post updated with new rumours BUT ...

This release is still a good way off so don't be expecting lots of new information any time soon.


  1. hope not.... this game was stupid -.-
    expensiv and not much fun if youre just 2 people

  2. Never played it, but several friends of mine did and said it was a blast. Plus, the PC game rocks. I'd be interested.

  3. Not really sure what anonymous is saying but I would be interested in seeing a new edition. Ofcourse an updated game scaling in price like Dreadfleet is going to be like 125 dollars next year which is getting pretty pricey for a board game. 4 full teams would be like 64 figures which seems like an lot of design work for a one off. Even at 12 player teams that is 48 different minis.

    The current set has only 4 different figures in 2 sets so I would guess that about 8 per team would be a good increase. This would make them on par with a lot of the current metal teams.

  4. i mean ....
    the game is simple as can be rule wise.... the team with the best charakters &/or the most wins, every time.
    And there is no point in playing more than 1 game if you don´t have more than 1 team each
    A team costing you about as much as a LR if you add 1-2 charakters
    + if you only play with 2 players you can´t play cups... wich are the only fun part becaus you can upgrade youre team after every win.. wich also means its only fun if you win unless you injoy playing for last place as much as for 1st.
    The game just gets boaring after 10 games

  5. 'the team with the best charakters &/or the most wins, every time.'

    So I take it you don't like 40k or WHFB either then?

    I on the other hand would buy an updated BB game, despite having made my own board/templates/etc.

  6. A team does cost as much as a landraider but then again you cannot play a game with a just a landraider. You really have to invest 5 times that to have an army.

    There are ways to add new variation to blood bowl games. For one off games simply playing at different team build levels like 1M or 1.1M or 1.25M where you purchase skills and stat increases like in events. Certain teams are better than others but that is the same as in 40K were certain codexes are just better. Blood bowl has this differences as intentional to allow for better coaches to play weaker teams to get more of a challenge since teams are 1/4th the price of 40K armies if you buy the metal versions instead of converting plastic ones so it is easier to try a team for fun.

  7. All I know about blood bowl, is that I faced down some Ultramarine Cheerleaders in a massive game of 40k several years back.

    It was approximately a 12,000pt battle, since we were just simply fielding everything we owned. Those cheerleaders, had bolters and were wrecking my chaos marine infiltrators.

    Fun aside. I would like to see the return of a new bloodbowl. Games Workshop really does amazing things with their models nowadays, and getting new ones for blood bowl would be cool.

  8. GW may do fine things with their plastic models now but as an owner of a huge collection of blood bowl models, the metal ones from 22 years ago are better than the metal teams designed more recently.

  9. @ Da Masta Cheef
    bloodbowl doesn´t come close to the balance of 40k or WFB.... its like playing with just 1 marine squad but with 3-5 spezial-charakters

    its just not balanced very well/fair
    the more money you put in the more likely you will win... and the game itself is not that great either to much luck based unless you have those OP starplayers

  10. Oh no! A star player! Might as well just give up now huh? Are star players immune to bad dice rolls or something?

    Blood bowl is fun. FACT!

    I will get a new version. Also FACT!

  11. I'll buy it yes or yes. I have two of the 87 1st editions and did not buy any other till now, but with the CP game I'm back on board!!
    This is the best game I've ever played.


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