Forgeworld has recently done a few new vehicles for the Dark Eldar. In the picture above you can see three prototypes for the latest Dark Eldar Vehicle from Forgeworld, The Tantalus. In other highlights, there was no new confirmations on the when we might see the Voidraven.

The biggest news though for Dark Eldar was in regards to IA12. Dark Eldar were removed from its content due to lack of space. So us Dark Eldar fans will be waiting for a bit, perhaps IA13.

Here is a bit of Dark Eldar info from Games Day UK 2011. I have tons of information from Games Day 2011 collected from all over, so I will be posting some of it up as I get to it throughout the week.

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DAREN PARRWOOD. I went to speak to the two guys involved in the Tantalus and Reaper and see what they had to say. First of all I spoke to Daren Parrwood who had the concept models for the Tantalus and his little sketch book, all of which is floating around the webway so I won't repeat what I have to say on that. I spoke to him about what he plans to do with a big thunderhawk sized barge. He originally planned on creating a few vehicles Tantalus sized but thought some of the other ideas were strong enough to make into a bigger vehicle and has plans for that.

STUART WILLIAMSON. Stuart also confirmed that he would like to work on a bigger ship soon and I asked him about any plans for vehicle upgrades such as enhanced aethersails and such and that they had no plans to do so at all. I raised the possibility of them doing an upgrade kit for Trueborn and again, no plans. He did however debunk the theory that FW aren't allowed to step on GW's toes and said they could fill gaps in the codex at a later date.

TONY COTERILL. I went to the afternoon seminar. IA 12 will be guard and chaos so DE will NOT feature. I also asked a question about whether he could add any more to what the other guys had to say about a larger ship and said nothing was planned and that no further Dark Eldar were planned as of yet. One of the reasons holding them back is how organic and curved the models are which makes them very complicated.

TANTALUS RULES. 12 12 10, comes with a flicker, can fire 12 dissie shots, transport 16, access to some other upgrades. Heavy support or dedicated for the court. Can do D6 S7 AP2 hits to a vehicle or troops it flat outs over or 1 S7 2D6 to a vehicle. A bit over 200pts.

JES GOODWIN. I'd start by saying I spoke to Juan Diaz first but didn't have much to say. Jes however is a cracking bloke. Started off speaking about the forum and that he checks up now and then and thinks we're getting a lot stronger. No confirmation on the Voidraven. Special characters will be divided up between himself and Juan but no concepts are done at all. He'd like to see them come out one a month in the future.

*EDIT Jes said he was pressured to do a court box set but decided against that as he wanted to do them individually. He also said he was asked to do a new archon model but really didn't/doesn't want to do another one. He also made a small quip about how you can make two Medusae out of one blister and assumes the suits don't like that fact.

TL;DR = DE superheavy planned but not for 2011/12. No more FW DE planned either any time soon, complications of the kit cited. FW won't rule out anything mentioned though. Jes will be doing the special characters with Juan but not even in concept form, on to do list.

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