Well, for those that do not know, the cat is out of the bag on this release. The pic above is from September's White Dwarf and below is some information on what the game really is. To sum it up, it is a warmaster scaled naval combat game. The release is all included, like the release of Space Hulk was.

Here is a what the rumor mill is saying

via Kroothawk
there were some rumours for several months that GW will release a second, one shot boxed game in autumn, like GW did with the Space Hulk rerelease two years ago. Nothing more was known for some time, until ghost21 and Harry spread hints that it would be a Fantasy naval game "but not Man'o'War".

The September WD issue now has posted this teaser pic for October.

Summary of rumours:
- Fantasy naval game in 10mm Warmaster scale
- 4 fractions: Empire, Vampires, Orcs, High Elves.
- box includes a lot of models.
- one shot release, all in one box, no supplements or further models.
- Name seems to be "Dread Fleet".

The scale led to some speculation, how much boarding action will be part of the game.


  1. Great. That saves me a hundred dollars since I am not interested in warhammer naval combat but would have bought a new blood bowl game certainly.

  2. I would of been all over blood bowl myself. Figured with the PC release of Blood Bowl that it was going to be it. What a disappointment.

  3. I would of gotten the Blood bowl just to have it... HAd enough of ship, Paid my dues already..

  4. i hope dark elves will be in the box too !

  5. i want ogres in the box!

  6. the way that GW treat specialist games really start to piss me off :

    first : they totally drop all specialist games,
    second : they produce really small limited edition of boxed specialist games , space hulk and now man o war , so they are sure to sell every boxes and make a lot of cash in a few week
    third : they will not give support nor new models for these boxed games and they annouce it before the release of the box !

    not sure everybody who are interested in space hulk or man o war have (or will have) the chance to get one box , and its also sad because it can bring new people to the hobby, because may be they are not intersted by warhammer but may be interested by naval batlle....

  7. @ above:

    It's a board game, what's hard to understand about that? Why would that gain any continued product line support whatsoever, that's not generally how board games work unless it becomes so wildly popular and it becomes a no brainier product stream.

  8. @ above:

    Man o war is not a board game like space hulk , its more a miniature naval game like battle fleet gothic and uncharted seas ,
    i'm talking about every specialist games , not only board games

    So , suppose i would like to have bigger battle how do i purchase new ships ?? do i have to buy a complete box ? certainly no because they will be no more box on GW store as i described , and may be i will not have the chance to have a single box because there will be a high demand and not many box to satisfy all people , it will be a flash selling like space hulk , not a continous selling thats i'm critise !

    Also may be not all races of warhammer will have their fleets like dark elves , so if there is no additional models and support how do dark elves players play the games , do they have to invent their own rules ? and for the miniaturs they wil use other games models like uncharted seas ?

    Also , how do we bring new players to these games and keep players interest if they are not 1 box left in store and no news ,article , battle report in magazine ?

    I hope ships will have the same scale than uncharted seas models so we can add more models !

  9. This is a board game, it is not man-o-war. The name of the game is "Dread Fleet".

    Will they expand upon it? Who knows. I would of preferred that they start up Man-O-War. Perhaps if there is interest in this game, they will do that.


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