Well, for those that do not know, the cat is out of the bag on this release. The pic above is from September's White Dwarf and below is some information on what the game really is. To sum it up, it is a warmaster scaled naval combat game. The release is all included, like the release of Space Hulk was.

Here is a what the rumor mill is saying

via Kroothawk
there were some rumours for several months that GW will release a second, one shot boxed game in autumn, like GW did with the Space Hulk rerelease two years ago. Nothing more was known for some time, until ghost21 and Harry spread hints that it would be a Fantasy naval game "but not Man'o'War".

The September WD issue now has posted this teaser pic for October.

Summary of rumours:
- Fantasy naval game in 10mm Warmaster scale
- 4 fractions: Empire, Vampires, Orcs, High Elves.
- box includes a lot of models.
- one shot release, all in one box, no supplements or further models.
- Name seems to be "Dread Fleet".

The scale led to some speculation, how much boarding action will be part of the game.

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