Last night was when I heard about these rumors of 6th edition. As far as rumors go, these ones really come out of left field, but since they are rumors nonetheless, I decided to post em up. So without any real intro, here they are.

Please take with a ton of salt.

via AesSedai
Well, I recently found myself in a very interesting situation. Forgive me if I am sketchy on names, as I have no desire to put anyone in hot water just to bring rumours to a forum. I have been making the aquintance of a young Brit over the past several months. Recently, we met for the first time after having talked for some time over email. As we are both huge GW fans, naturally we began talking at length about 40k. At this point my new friend dropped a certain name--Hey, do you know ---- ----? To which I replied, "Yeah, of course I've been into GW for a long time". To my surprise, the gentleman told me that the aforementioned individual was, in fact, his brother. Now, let me just say this: If you know GW the company, and who the inner circle are, and in particular which people would know about products in development, then you too would know the name. Anyway, we proceeded to discuss the future of 40k and this is what I was told. Please keep in mind that Our conversation occured last weekend and I have had a very long week and I'm writing this on a commuter train.

1) The way projects are developed has changed a lot. The process now is that anyone within the group can pitch ideas for approval. I don't know when this became the way of things.

2) Chaos legions codex. Apparently, there will be rules for fielding forces from the various traitor legions. I've heard this rumour around before. He mentioned that part of the focus will be to highlight to differences between normal marines and warped chaos marines, both in the appearance of the model and in the organizational structure of the legion. If I recall correctly, he mentioned this as the first release of 6th edition. Also of note, Apparently a pitch to release traitor guard as a codex was put forward and rejected though the person pitching it put forth a very good proposal.

3) 6th Edition. He said it is just around the corner. I think he was more specific but I don't want to compromise this information with half remembered details. I believe he mentioned 2 codexs to be released before 6th. One was Necrons and the other was either Dark Angels or Eldar. I was surprised at this. Whatever the order was (either DA or Eldar, the other will be the second book in 6th--damn it, I can't remember which one!)

3) The boxed set for 6th with be Chaos versus Dark Angels.

4) I really wanted to get news about the Tau. Heartbreakingly he said that the Tau are not even being talked about at this point. They are way out in the lineup.


  1. I play Tau and this makes me cry. If this is true then I will give up 40k completely.

  2. me too, tau must back

  3. Here is what I have say about the points made:

    1. Plausible. I work on a web development team and toss ideas for new features, enhancements, and formatting for the applications we support all the time. Just a classic example of an more open development environment. However, even in this type of environment a large project would need to be approved by upper management, in which the questions regarding costs and profitability would be brought up.

    2 & 3. Not very different from anything we haven't heard before.

    4. I could see why this could be the case. My opinion of the Tau has always been that GW wanted to try and tap the Mecha fan base for new players to 40k. With the popularity if the Heresy novels, a the more profitable move would probably to focus on chaos legions and also the first founding chapters.

  4. I have a reliable source tell me recently the tau are actually already written...

  5. @DarkApostleBrian

    You are way wrong on subject 4. First of all large part of heresy readers already have a marine army. Apart from specific new models (gunships) GW won't get to sell new armies to old dogs. And Tau is way more popular among new players than it should be. That is the reason why they don't want to mess with Tau. They don't want to ruin a working machine while it is working.

  6. Personally, I'm inclined to believe this. It sounds plausible enough, ties in with other rumours and doesn't read like a wishlist like some rumours do. I agree with Anonymous (2:39). There are lots of Tau players, and they sell well. Why change it?

  7. 1) I Don't believe for a second that gw would be dumb enough to sell a starter containing 2 marine factions. This flies in the face of alot of the work gw has put into making Deldar soo cool. I am still thinking it'll be something like Chaos vs iGuard or more likely Chaos vs Eldar. I feel that gw is trying to genuinely offer new people reasons not to play just marines.

    2) Traitor legions, I can get behind it as a rebranding of the chaos marines. I am soo cool with the new codex being called that. Just how my salamander self really want to see an Astartes titled codex. I will take the more plausible of the two any day. I can't see chaos getting guard though since they tried that in the eye of chaos campaign and it wasn't super popular..... that and you can just paint any iGuard list in chaos colors anywho. Although they may get back some guard units ala iron warriors rules back in the day. My big hope for chaos is we see more chaos characters alter lists ala vulkan, shrike, khan etc. Heck if the the plague marines could take good dreads as fast attacks that would be really cool. oh and from a marketing perspective it's much better for the guys and gals at the GW store to show customers product and say you could have Traitor legions (metal growl) or Space marines rather than you can have space marines or CHAOS space marines.

    3) Not to dig on you cool dark angels cats out there but I am pretty sure the templars will get a new codex before you do. I mean come on... the templar codex is just wayy old school in it's layout compared to pretty much any other book. And they'll probably get your new flyer first too.

    4) Tau... Well I know they sell alright but being Xenos in current GW they need love too. I can't see them changing the style of them since they worked really hard to separate them from everyone else. SO I foresee them receiving some new battlesuits, say 2 elites, 1 fast attack, 1 heavy support. New battlesuit kits so the heavys are all built in 1 box, the elites in 1 and make the fast attack small like the stealthsuits(?). We give em finecast models vespids and characters, A flyer which knowing tau would probably be a suit carrying gunship. Make kroot a little better... say a free 6+ save or something? And bang new book. oh and probably make a pathfinder plastic box kinda like a devastator box so it has a bunch of sweet conversion bits for fire warriors so they don't have to mess with that kit.

  8. OH and to clarify I don't think that xenos suck currently.. I just think that GW is realizing more and more that they can sell the line better and get funding to make better looking armies (drools at dark eldar) if they can get more people playing stuff other than marines out of the gate. I play marines, chaos and necrons and while I do enjoy the marines I find it harder to counter xenos since most everyone now is gunning for us now and seems to have decent anti marine guns at their disposal. AND if more people play non marine armies then GW would probably be inclined to finish ranges for armies faster. I'm looking at you tervagaunt and friends....just saying is all.

    additionally I am pretty sure too that traitor guard and ad. mechs armies will probably fall to the forgeworld side where thay can get models awesome enough to support their lists and not have to compete anywhere near the other lists. They just feel like they have a really specialized selling point and don't need to be in stores.

  9. Ahem. Just to point out, traitor guard already exist. Probably why the pitch was turned down, because Forge World have already made 3 imperial armour books focusing on them: Siege of Vraks.
    @thatvulkan: You're right, the lists aren't too competitive, but the models are awesome (renegade militia FTW!).

  10. @ shrike jeah traitor-guard (renegades) does exist in FW books... but its not very well wrighten to be a good army book... its just a "fun" thing

    Also its a totaly diffrent thiing if you actually have resanable priced minis you can buy and a own army book by GW that you can use at any tournament without trouble

    buying at FW is a real hassle

  11. 1. "Chaos Legions" is a fan made word... GW never used this for any codex or anything... besides it seams rediculous to make a BIG CSM book and not call it Chaos SPaceMarines... also its very unlikely that now they will add a lot more stuff to CSM after seperating Demons form the CSM book years ago.. Would be wiser to to several books like we have with Marines.

    2.Yes a new 6th ED of 40k will come some day... but i find it hard to belive that will allready be next year leaving only 1 year between the WFB releas. I think its going to be much longer than that before we see 6th. Besides the game is quit balanced ATM... why repair smth thats not broken?

    3.Even dough DAs and Eldar are cool armys i think there is other armys that will come first. BTs need a dex more than DAs most would argue.

    4. Has the policy not changed to were GW doesn´t want to leak rumors any more?

  12. i think its funny that there is always someone that has a brother or friend that works for GW and knows every detail about there "freinds" work.
    When GW is supposed to be all secret about upcoming dexes and releases and new editions.
    They lose money if people stop buying, waiting for a new edition.

    I think the only thing that is for sure is a upcomeing price rise for next March.


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