I have been collecting pics of what is on show at Games Day UK. Quite a few photos, mostly from Forgeworld, so I collected them to post here. Check them out.

A couple of notes about this years Games Day

It seems that quite a few people going were dissapointed, as last year Games Day UK was a huge hit. This year there really is nothing new hiting the shelves, especially if you are 40k oriented. No Necrons were there. It seems the one event that would of propelled a new model line, was an opportunity missed. Last years hype was on the fantatical side of things, this years is just , oh those are kinda cool, and its all directed towards Forgeworld.

Dark Eldar seemed to removed from the upcoming Forgeworld release. Some notes..
IA12 is not DE. Its a prison asteroid, penal guard, minotaur marines and Tzeentch chaos

The 3 new DE skimmer mentioned will not be made due to time constraints. Other than the phoenix lord, no new xenos is planned for a while

But a chaos contemptor is due

A Chaos Contemptor is Due, and I will post pics of it shortly. Hidden in plain view from a couple days ago.

Some of this years Games Day UK Highlights include
Monstrous Arcana- Warhammer Forge Book
Rapier, Marcharius Omega- Forgeworld Tanks
Eldar Shadow Spectres Phoenix Lord- Forgeworld
Bran Redmaw- Spacewolf Character

Here are the photos in no particular order:


  1. i don't often do this but thank you for the Games' Day pics. As isolated as I am from the majority of the hobby it may be years before I can actually attend a Games' Day and your blog has given me a lot of insights and rumours that is otherwise unobtainable.

  2. Definitely a bit disappointing to hear Games Day was sort of meh. After last year's, I was fulling planning to wake up this morning and ride out the day on a wave of 40k related anticipation.

    I really don't begin to understand what GW is thinking with the news and rumor lock down. It's like they're engaged in anti-marketing. In today's dire economic situation across the world, we won't give you advance notice to start saving your money for...

    Around my flgs yesterday there was more talk about the upcoming stuff from Mantic, and how it could be adapted to GE rules, if we don't like Mantic's, than there was about anything GW related. Well, there was the "Dreadfleet, yeah right,not gonna buy that," conversations.

    DE was a huge hit for them,c an't begin to fathom why they wouldn't try to replicate that success by following similar methodology. Oh well.

    Thanks as always for your work in gathering all this. The effort's appreciated, even when GW is being obstinate, and the Forgeworld stuff looks awesome.


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