While I have a couple more posts that were ready to go besides this one that cover Games Day UK, I am burnt out on it, so I joined the last two of my favorite ones together. Ones that mention Adeptus Mechanicus and a Tyranid gap filler release.

For years we have wanted an Adeptus Mechanicus release, and I think it would be a very popular army. Especially amongst the collectors of 40k models. Almost everyone I have talked to in the so many years of the hobby, would have some interest in the adeptus mechanicus. So will we see one? It sure does not seem like it, here were the comments at Games Day UK.

First off Tyranids:

I am really hoping that we see something before years end with tyranids, but that kind of a release seems to keep slipping further and further out. I am starting to think we wont see anything more on this til Q1 next year.

- Andrew Kenrick, our wonderful WD editor himself, and one of his colleagues (Phil I think? Not sure, will find his picture and confirm) hinted at a possible Tyranid release. This will not be the fabled 2 wave, but will fill a gap in the codex. However he also said "but then it may not be a gap filler, but an altogether different model with it's rule set to be released in white dwarf". Nid players... don't read too much in to this, there aren't enough facts to get excited about, but equally I don't think someone in the know such as Mr AK would say sometihng's coming when it's not. Again, no dates were hinted at.

More Games Day information, including Adeptus Mechanicus info.

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I also saw the rules for the Eldar Phoenix Lord, it seemed to be a she and carries a S7 ranged weapon called the Spear of Sunlight I believe. She had an extensive background that looked like a very interesting read.

In addition I did take a glimpse at the Imperial Armour 11 and noticed the rules for a Mymeara Farseer that allows you to use additional Heavy support choice.

Also the squad size of Shadow Spectre squad had been increased to 6. No longer will you have to discard that loose squad member if you buy an Exarch! Also, Shadow Spectres I believe are now a fast attack choice.

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Having had a chat to a few FW designers and gone to a couple of design seminars, I asked many questions, and the following is what I remember:

GW are ok with the FW team doing a proper Pre-Heresy set of books, and apparently the more positive feedback given about the current armours and dreadnoughts, the more likely this would come out sooner rather than later.

It was spoken of by the FW guys as more of a foregone conclusion than an uncertainty. I figure they know what a huge seller it would be..

Primarchs were mentioned (and brought up by the designers, not me..), but not necessarily to be modeled, more likely books would deal with Astartes and the varied Crusade Fleets.

FW will end up making more Pre-Heresy items, including more vehicles & Terminator Armours.

Custodes and jetbikes not mentioned, but I'd assume it wouldn't be much of a stretch..

As much as they intend to get it all out, apparently their schedule is very fluid, and even on current projects there is a great amount of flexibility and change between sculpts and tasks.

Lots of different design team members have worked on different versions of the Contemptor since the "blank" sculpt, so I was told.

I also asked whether they would be doing any whole FW armies for 40k, in the way that Warhammer Forge now has the Chaos Dwarfs.

As the rumour mill has occasionally bubbled up, Adeptus Mechanicus, I queried? Both designers present raised an eyebrow and grinned, and said it is certainly a point of interest in the studio.

Again, they said such a thing would arrive at a free point in their schedule, and that it remains quite full at the moment.

The good thing I suppose is that they are interested, and would like to create full 40k supplementary armies along those ideas. I dare say they seem very committed to making more stuff on a regular basis.

To satisfy my own personal interests I asked if there would be anything more for Iron Hands players..

My answer? Same as everything else, in time! Apparently they'd be a big choice for Pre-Heresy stuff, and they'd look at doing Iron Hands dreadnoughts, including a Contemptor.

They'd likely get the shoulderpads and other parts, like bionics.

The way to get what you want? Email, drop suggestions on Facebook, the usual kinda ways. They look interested in taking suggestions, apparently some of their big things have come from single sentences and off-the-cuff ideas.

Also, the Squats really are very dead.
They may get killed by the Tyranids, but during the Great Crusade, they're all on holiday.

So, yeah, I got a good few bits that may mean nothing for ages! Woo!

So, the Phoenix Lord may be a she still. I hope so, won't get too excited though.

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