There are not many days in a life that every single person you know, can all remember the same event, can relate to it, and remember what you were doing on that particular moment. While I was growing up, people always talked about what they were doing when President Kennedy was Assassinated, or the day Elvis died. For my generation it was the day when I was in High School and shuttle Challenger exploded.

Even though all the previous events were dramatic, they are lost to many of us and overshadowed by the events that transpired on 9/11. That day will live on forever in our minds as the world changed forever for us. The twin towers were destroyed, and the Pentagon hit and many civilian lives were lost.

These were everyday people, just going to work, and the images of the towers collapsing, and of people leaping out of the buildings to their deaths, are images I will carry with me the rest of my life.

No words can do justice towards the emotions of that day, or the events that have followed since then. The sleeping tiger had been awoken. Today is a day of reflection, of honoring those that rose to the occasion on that horrendous day, and prayers for our troops that have died or are continuing to serve their country.

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