It seems that many of the Necron models have been removed from the GW website. Warriors, Wraiths, Destroyers, and Pariahs are no longer there. (Updated), Monolith, Necron Lord with Orb, and C'tan are also gone now. Thanks Erik. Great anticipation now as we await further news on the necron front. I fully expect to see new models being showcased at Games Day UK. Only 5 days away!

I was just minutes ago, able to navigate around and locate warriors on the site, however, they have been removed from the main listings. I went through the army essentials and was still able to find some, but that could literally change any moment if they are doing the updates now.

Thanks to Unkown over at The Abnormal Gamer for catching this one. His site was added to the Faeit 212 BlogExchange this week, so if you get the chance, head on over and check it out.

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