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An Amazing Ogre Kingdoms Army

This was posted up a couple days ago, or maybe it was yesterday, I just can't recall. Without caffiene anymore, I just suffer through the mornings. 

Fool144 had mentioned that I should take a look at this army that was posted up by GW, and whew, was he right. The customization on this this Ogre Kingdoms army is spectacular. It is well worth a post here.

The army is done by Lewis Clark. Here is what he had to say.

Lewis: Well, where to begin? The inspiration for my army came from an idea I had of a whole army made up of Maneaters - Ogres that have travelled across the Warhammer world and fought with every army against every army. They wouldn't all have the rules for Maneaters, they would all be normal Ogres for gaming purposes, but I wanted to make them all look individual. The Tyrant leading the army will be an Ogre that's hired himself out as a mercenary captain, and after amassing a fair amount of money, is going around the Old World hiring back Ogres from assorted races in order to recreate the feeling of the old Ogre tribes back home.

The models above currently make up only half of the army. My full list is 2000 points, and includes twice as many Ogres and a unit of Gnoblars, too. At the moment I don't have many human armies represented in the army, so I'll soon be working on a few Empire and Bretonnian themed Ogres. Oh and I don't want to forget the Elves, too! I'm trying to get the army done for Armies on Parade, but it's taken a year to get this far, so it may well be next Games Day before they're finally ready to show off. The board I'm making for them will actually be fairly simple - a snowy mountainscape with a few piles of rocks and maybe a couple of trees. Their bases are all really plain, too. Considering how varied the models themselves are, it's really important to have a simple, striking basing scheme to help link them all.

For more detailed descriptions of the models, follow the link

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  1. If you want to see what else he is working (and by God is amazing stuff he creates!) check out his paiintg thread: