Today we have  an intriguing new rumor. Word has it that IG is getting a new mini release soon, that will include the all powerful Hydra Flak Tank and Plastic Storm Troopers. I think its hilarious that just last night, I mentioned in the comments yesterday that I had heard nothing of plastic storm troopers, and well, in the same breath almost here they are.

The rumor is the long awaited return of information via Stickmonkey who has been very silent over the last 3 months. Nice to hear he is still around and OK.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to take all rumors with a grain of salt.

via Stickmonkey
I'm hearing that there is a IG mini release being planned soon, I expect it to be Q1 2012 and be in a mixed release month.
Items I hear are the long rumored stormtrooper plastics. Plastic hydra, and possibly another chimera based kit.
Still a ways off, but ive had multiple sources mention it recently.

Just to add some fuel, I'm sure everyone knows forgeworld no longer sells the hydra upgrade, only the full kit, as it is based on the old chimera models...doesn't mean anything really, I suppose...

Via BramGaunt
Afaik it's actually 3 kits, stormtrooper/veteran soldiers, hydra, Griffon (with colossus and medusa options), plus some finecast updates. Hydra is supposed to look a little different from the FW one


  1. Plastic Stormtroopers have become the modern day squats, always right over the next hill. But I suppose we can hope...

    Hydra makes sense, they had to get around to it at some point. But they have seriously missed the boat on this one. Everyone who needed one has either already bought or converted one by now.

  2. Anyone else remember the plastic storm trooper leaked pics from like two years ago?

  3. @ Tallarn - A company doing that could make the money twice - once on the resin or conversion, once on the plastic.

  4. Thanks Natfka

    I just started a Blog and would be honored if you could comment on my latest post.

    The Mind of a Fool

  5. i don´t know why anyone wants plastic stormtroopers... its going to be the same IG just less guys for the same price :( i dought this will be a worthy kit

    hydra and maybe medusa would be cool
    was about time -.-

    since the last price hike there have not been a lot of 40k releases besides fineREcasts crap and some DE wich apart from the flyer were pretty unneeded IMO
    since GK they really only focused on WFB :(

  6. Q porky... yeah and thats the said thing about GW
    they wait till people convert it and upload it to any forum/site and then they just steal the idea & sell it as theirs -.-

  7. I think the Storm Troopers will be very popular. Plastic storm troopers means that we are looking at models in carapace armour with lots of special weapons in the sprue. 2 or 3 meltas or plasma guns in the set?

    I don't need any more of these models, but I would pick some up.

  8. To add to the above commentor, Plastic storm troopers means you can also make veterans, mix and match the torsos and legs with other companies stuff, etc. I have a pig Iron head conversion for my entire army, and I would love to be able to have plastic as opposed to solid metal storm trooper models. Reason being: Chopping off the head. I had a pewter officer with plasma pistol and power sword, and I gave him a Pig Iron backpack, chopped off his head with great difficulty, green stuffed a new collar, and added a PI officer head w/gas mask.

    As you can see, a lot of work for just one simple head swap.

  9. next month seems to hold a massive 40k update on the horrizon according to my local store manager chris, he doesnt know anything about whats happening next month but if we see these in the first quarter of 2012 then february/march will be the most likely time to see this, so look out for the next wave of releases IG gamers :)


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