This week was dominated by the release of Dreadfleet. It really is an amazing looking game, and one of those games that everyone seems to have a negative opinion about. Well, not everyone, but it seems that far too many people are ticked off that the game is fantasy related, or not bloodbowl. To be honest, that disappoints me a little bit with the drama our community loves to display in this anonymous world we call the Internet.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Will I buy it? Sadly no. Mostly because I am trying to buy another house at the moment and every dime is going towards it. I do really wish Games Workshop would make these releases not based on a limited number of games, but instead run them for 3-4 months. Run them through Christmas every year, September through December. This gives situational issues (it seems like every gamer always has), more time to be resolved and more flexibility for the consumer.

So would I buy in December? yes. As it happens, purchasing a house takes priority. As does kids school clothes, and everything else they need this time of year.

Now, the game is beautiful. In fact it is gorgeous. The game mat seems to be of extremely high quality, the pieces, although needing to be painted, are very nice and unique. they are also much larger than I had first thought they would be. I had imagined tiny little ships like you see in most board games, something smaller than even warmaster mini's.

I am very impressed with the game so far. The game mechanics I have not really had a chance to see, and I hopefully will be getting a better look at them later.

Grey Knight Models
Grey Knights really are amazing to play. The sheer damage they can throw down is amazing. However, I'm going to talk about the models. They are difficult to put together. Frustratingly difficult. It seems the arms want to go in a very specific pose, and if they do not, those two handed weapons are nearly impossible to put together for anyone but an advanced model builder. Staying up late to put together Grey Knights has resulted in more cussing and cursing that I care to admit.

Now, when it comes to painting. I have to give GW some credit here. There is so much detail on these models that it gives painters of all skill levels the option to detail out everything on the armour. This allows the beginning painter to just get everything covered, and some highlights; and the expert to get down to the immaculate details that these models provide.

I don't think I have ever spent so much time on single models, as I have trying to get my purifiers wrapped up. I like how they are looking though. I have finished up two full sized units atm. Games Workshop by far puts out the best plastic models on the market, and they continue to prove this.

One issue though is squad designations. Most units are easily done with simple numbers on the shoulder pads. We don't have this with Grey Knights, so I have decided to paint the purity seals on the shoulder pads and elsewhere (since there are lots), different colors. Red, Blue, Gold, and Tin Bitz are what I am using for 4 full units of Purifiers.

The last thing about Grey Knight models that I did not realize is the colors I was using.  I was pulling out my paints (again), and realized that models were red, white, and blue. Nothing like being patriotic with being an American.

Rumors of Imperial Reinforcements
Just whoa. I am excited for this. Rumors abound confirmed from a couple of different sources now, that the IG will be receiving the Stormtrooper/ Veteran box sets in plastic, as well as a Griffon box that comes with variant options for the Medusa and the Colossus.

To be honest, this really completes me. These are the models that everyone really wants. I know most people have figured a way to build what they want, but I still think they will sell a ton of these. Veterans are one of the best units in the game, and just the idea of getting enough special weapons to make these guys come to life is amazing. If you cannot tell I am very excited (yes I know I said I am excited already) for this release.

The best part, the new Imperial Guard reinforcements are said to arrive in February of 2012.

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