There are 3 new (Storm of Magic) scrolls of binding in the latest edition of White Dwarf that are for the Thundertusk, Stonehorn and Mournfang. They have extra options that are not in the army book. Here is a quick rundown of what they are.

These are the options for all three creatures:

Spike tail - Adds 1 tail attack.

Icy breath - Gives the Thundertusk a strength 4 breath attack, that can not be used in the same turn as its other shooting attack.

Can be taken in packs of 2 - 8.

Vanguard - Gives them the vanguard special rule.

Thickhide - Gives them the scaly skin (5+) special rule.

Jaws of iron - Gives the Stonehorn a chomp attack with the multiple wounds (D3) special rule.

Mace tail - Gives the Stonehorn 1 tail attack at +1 strength.

The Thundertusk and Stonehorn are both cheaper than thier Army book equivilants too, probably because they do not have any riders.

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