The Black Library today listened to what its customers were saying about its recent disaster of releasing Aurelian. They are putting up a new date for the release of the limited edition book, but are releasing additional copies, and the big deal for most of us, are releasing non-signed non color artwork versions of the book at a reduced price. Below is the official announcement.

Aurelian update – more copies and free shipping
Last night our latest limited edition, Horus Heresy novella Aurelian went on sale. The response to Aurelian was phenomenal, far in excess of our expectations, with thousands of you trying to connect every second - testament to the popularity of the Horus Heresy series and Aaron’s writing. Unfortunately, our website couldn’t cope with such an extremely high level of demand and crashed.

We’re grateful to all of you, our fans, for your patience last night and the feedback you took the time to give us. Among all the phone calls, emails and messages we received there were two recurring points – make run faster and print more copies of each limited edition. We’ve been busy today so that we can fulfil both of those requests.

Our technical support team are currently in the process of updating our website to make sure that even during our most busy periods your experience is never again affected.

Aurelian will be back on sale on Monday 17th October. And, in response to your feedback, there will be 6,000 copies (double the original amount) available to buy. We appreciate that some of you are more interested in reading the story than owning a signed copy. To that end, we are splitting the 6,000 copies into two distinct editions. The existing edition of 3,000, the Gold Edition, will cost £30, has gold foiling and is still limited to 3,000 copies. Every copy is signed, numbered and contains internal art. In addition we will release a Silver Edition which will retail at £20, this has silver foiling and is also limited to 3,000 copies. The Silver Edition will be neither signed nor numbered, and won’t feature the colour internal art. It will however be the same format A5 hardback, contain the full Aurelian novella and feature Neil Robert’s fantastic artwork on its cover. As is standard with our limited edition novellas, we will not be releasing Aurelian in any other English language format for at least two years.

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