The Stormraven is one of those models that people love to hate. There are tons of detractors, and very few people openly admit to liking them. Well, this weekend I got down and personal with them, and finally built one, and started working them into lists. In order to build it with all the gun options, I had to figure out exactly how I wanted to field it.

First off, its appearance I hated when it first came out. Now that I have had them in my hands a little more, the model has grown on me, and the ideas of adding the Chapterhouse extensions really are not going to happen for me. Its still a little odd with the weight configuration, and I get the impression the ship just throws itself into the atmosphere as they launch planetary assaults, hoping that the engines will be able to pull it up as it plummets spiraling out of control towards the ground.

Now I have faced it from the opposing side quite often, so I have seen it used against me. So my first thoughts were on how others were using them against me. Just about everyone had them loaded with troops, and most often people were trying to spearhead them against me. Everything from Grey Knight terminators, to Coteaz and Grey Knight Librarians have been in them as they make an excellent assault vehicle. A special note, that the wings are considered part of its hull, so area effect psychic powers really get a nice range extension out of this vehicle.

Typical weapon configurations, everyone has the multi-melta up front, and generally I have seen the assault cannon up top. About half also add on the hurricane bolters. With everything on this vehicle being twin linked, you can really count on getting hits. Its fast, so you will get those double dice penetrations with the melta.

For Grey Knights I believe this vehicle really is the ultimate marine transport. Listen up.

*12 armour all the way around
*Fast moving assault vehicle. Move 12 and able to assault out of it.
*Meltas cannot get double penetration vs its armour means it can get close without penalty
*Massive amount of gunfire. 19 shots within 12" range every round
*4 missiles to add to its initial punch
*Great reserve vehicle, as Grey Knights can really control reserves with psychic communion
*Ability to take out two weakened infantry units a round with machine spirit

My Grey Knight Weapon Loadout
Twin linked Heavy Bolter up front S6 AP4
Twin linked Assault Cannon up top S7 AP4 rending
2 Twin linked Hurricane Bolters S5 AP5
4 Mindstrike Missiles
psybolt ammunition
= 19 twin linked shots at close range +4 missiles

Why do it like this? Well with psychic communion you can control your reserves. So this is not a vehicle I would put right onto the table except in rare circumstances. Being able to add a +2 or -2 to your die roll means your vehicle will not come in too early. This gives your on the board psycannons and psyriflemen the chance to do their job and hit long range tanks to disable and destroy. Now that the number of lascannons and high percentage shots reduced its time for the Stormraven gunship to do its job, and eliminate units that have been de-meched.

Now I just have to work it into my lists. At a hefty 255pts its is a hard sell for the list, but as a reserve vehicle meant to be the clean up crew, it may just see the light of day on the game table.


  1. Everything you said about the Stormraven translates to me as just another reason not to bother showing up at games anymore.

  2. I'm still unsure about which variant of the Storm Raven I find best, the Ap1 missiles of the Blood Angel version I've always found quite threatening in games against them but as they aren't defensive (like mindstrike are) they limit the use of the vehicle itself.
    I still find the vehicle quite ugly, tho as you its growing on my the more I see it on the field.

    Your loadout surprises me tho as I've always seen the primary advantage of the Grey Knight variant is moving 12" and unleashing its full volley as described in your listed bullet points.
    Yet as the FAQ ruled that you take Psybolt ammunition effect into account when working out if weapons are defensive, you're stopping yourself doing that.

  3. Ellusive, This is how I see it....

    Once you have delivered your troops, do you really need to be moving 12" every round. If you do, thats fine, dont shoot everything.

    This thing should be spearheading to clean up, so after a round of movement, 6" is just fine.

  4. I like the model, but I think it is a bit overpowered, and as only two armies can take it, sales are rather limited. Still looks a bit like a squashed Thunderhawk though.

  5. I incorporate a Stormraven in my current list as a delivery system for Mephiston and a Furioso dread. I take extra armor to ensure any stun results turn into shaken.

    If I get first turn, I turbo-boost 24 inches for the cover save. If I go second I reserve off of my board edge. I don't emply storm bolters, as my 'Raven is ususally an opponent's target priority. If my 'Raven survives the first round of shooting, it usually survives the game.

    Seeing GWs Stormraven on the table softened my opinion about the model, but the Crux pattern is my favorite I kit-bashed one last year, and get a lot of compliments on the model.

  6. I like the model, and run one in Blood Ravens colours (using the Blood Angels codex) Tho it never seemed to survive for long :P

    Kinda miss it now im running a Black Templars army.

  7. @ thefool144
    It seems to me ur the type of person who always complain about the game in a whining voice. "GW messed up the codex of this race and that race","GW always makes crap models". if u dont like warhammerFB/40k then go play checkers or monopoly. If u moan like this on a a blog then i would hate to play against u, u prolly whine and cry at turn 3. "its unfair...blah ...blah"

  8. Lol Anonymous, hardly. Yes it is true that I often complain and can be very venomous towards anything in loyalist power armor. But it's all about the tactics. I am an average player and I enjoy the game because of its realism, compared to PC games and the like. So I wish to fight challenging and engaging battles. Fighting against an army of Terminators armed to the teeth with Force Weapons, that can kill a unit of Carnifexes in a single turn, is hardly sporting. The game becomes blunted and boring when you are forced to fight the same type of army over and over again, instead of discovering the vast variety and complexity of the lesser played races.

  9. Natfka, thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment *smiles*
    I concede you have a point, if you're playing an aggressive list and are certain to drop the unit off on the 2nd turn then 6" will likely be good enough and the additional Str of the bolters is definitely worth the drawback of getting hit on 4+ rather than 6+ in combat. :)

  10. Ellusive, after your original comment, I went back and ran everything, including the stats on the kill ratios vs the standard 5+ save and vs the standard 3+ save. I even compared the range differential in case 6" of movement did not put you into rapid fire range with your hurricane bolters.

    I Spent time looking at my lists, and analyzing the role of the stormraven will be doing.

    To be honest, its pretty close to being a toss up. So I can see it either way. It really comes down to one extra dead marine with psybolt ammunition. Like 3.7 to 4.5 dead marines.

    However, I am going to stick with the psybolt ammunition, because of the role it will play in my army list. A second or third round clean up crew, that will start most games not even loaded.

  11. @thefool144
    u say u become venomous to "anything in loaylist power armour" leads me to believe u should stop playing the game and maybe go outside and get a girl/boy friend (depending on ur sex).
    to become rude to other players,just because u dont like what armylist they use repeately( due to it being a general winner) kills the spirit of the game.
    u play the game to use ur army and models, if u want to stop seeing the same armies over and over then collect all the races and play against urself after u have set up both lists, or invite some to just come roll dice.

  12. Hey nice observation, just got into a couple of these myself but you need to adjust your numbers mate, there wouold only be 13 shots forthe storm raven as twin linked grant re-rolls for fail only. The weapons you have equipped grant :

    3 shots - heavy bolter (twin linked)
    4 shots - Assault cannon (twin linked)
    6 shots hurricane bolters (twin linked)

    As i said no complaint just an adjustment, hope this helps.

  13. Sean, you've neglected to include Rapid Fire for the hurricane bolters allowing them to fire two shots each within 12", so total of 6 shots per hurricane bolter.

    Natfka, its a relief to know I wasn't too far off with the consideration. Thanks for letting me know the difference, gives me some pause for thought myself.

  14. I actually like the model.

    It looks exactly like it should; a baby thunderhawk.

    If players want cool scifi models, play tau or eldar...


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