The Stormraven is one of those models that people love to hate. There are tons of detractors, and very few people openly admit to liking them. Well, this weekend I got down and personal with them, and finally built one, and started working them into lists. In order to build it with all the gun options, I had to figure out exactly how I wanted to field it.

First off, its appearance I hated when it first came out. Now that I have had them in my hands a little more, the model has grown on me, and the ideas of adding the Chapterhouse extensions really are not going to happen for me. Its still a little odd with the weight configuration, and I get the impression the ship just throws itself into the atmosphere as they launch planetary assaults, hoping that the engines will be able to pull it up as it plummets spiraling out of control towards the ground.

Now I have faced it from the opposing side quite often, so I have seen it used against me. So my first thoughts were on how others were using them against me. Just about everyone had them loaded with troops, and most often people were trying to spearhead them against me. Everything from Grey Knight terminators, to Coteaz and Grey Knight Librarians have been in them as they make an excellent assault vehicle. A special note, that the wings are considered part of its hull, so area effect psychic powers really get a nice range extension out of this vehicle.

Typical weapon configurations, everyone has the multi-melta up front, and generally I have seen the assault cannon up top. About half also add on the hurricane bolters. With everything on this vehicle being twin linked, you can really count on getting hits. Its fast, so you will get those double dice penetrations with the melta.

For Grey Knights I believe this vehicle really is the ultimate marine transport. Listen up.

*12 armour all the way around
*Fast moving assault vehicle. Move 12 and able to assault out of it.
*Meltas cannot get double penetration vs its armour means it can get close without penalty
*Massive amount of gunfire. 19 shots within 12" range every round
*4 missiles to add to its initial punch
*Great reserve vehicle, as Grey Knights can really control reserves with psychic communion
*Ability to take out two weakened infantry units a round with machine spirit

My Grey Knight Weapon Loadout
Twin linked Heavy Bolter up front S6 AP4
Twin linked Assault Cannon up top S7 AP4 rending
2 Twin linked Hurricane Bolters S5 AP5
4 Mindstrike Missiles
psybolt ammunition
= 19 twin linked shots at close range +4 missiles

Why do it like this? Well with psychic communion you can control your reserves. So this is not a vehicle I would put right onto the table except in rare circumstances. Being able to add a +2 or -2 to your die roll means your vehicle will not come in too early. This gives your on the board psycannons and psyriflemen the chance to do their job and hit long range tanks to disable and destroy. Now that the number of lascannons and high percentage shots reduced its time for the Stormraven gunship to do its job, and eliminate units that have been de-meched.

Now I just have to work it into my lists. At a hefty 255pts its is a hard sell for the list, but as a reserve vehicle meant to be the clean up crew, it may just see the light of day on the game table.

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