An exciting new book, The Outcast Dead from the Black Library is released this week, and like last week there is quite a few things this week from the Black Library. The Emperors Will is making my to read list and the Emperors Will is right behind it. These are two books I have been waiting for. I suppose that makes 3 since I am on the list to recieve Dan Abnett's Salvations Reach already as well.

Below is this weeks releases from the Black Library

Being Released this week are:

The Outcast Dead via The Black Library
Whom would you trust?
If you knew a secret that could change the course of history, and you knew the fate of mankind rested in your hands, whom would you trust?

Luckily, you don’t, it doesn’t and who cares.

The only secret you have is that, despite what you told your girlfriend to impress her on your first date, you’ve never actually read 'Nineteen Eighty-four', and all you need to remember is that the brand new Horus Heresy novel by Graham McNeill is out for preorder now and you need to pick one up.

The Emperors Will
The Emperors Will, a new artbook compiled by John Blanche, featuring a huge variety of work from a range of artists showing off the bizarre and macabre depictions of the myriad servants of the Emperor.

War has come to Nocturne. After decades of planning and slaughter Nihilan has mustered a vast armada of Dragon Warriors, dark eldar and Chaos renegades. In the name of vengeance he launches his assault on the Salamanders. Unrest plagues the Chapter’s ranks in the face of this invasion. A prophecy from the Tome of Fire has foretold of a saviour or destroyer, the psyker Librarian Dak’ir. As the attack begins and the Salamanders marshal their armies for battle, Dak’ir’s destiny is finally realised. Meanwhile, amidst the enemy fleet, Tsu’gan of the Firedrakes is held captive. With hell and fire all around them, a reckoning between these bitter rivals is at hand – its resolution will see the prophecy fulfilled and decide the fate of Nocturne.  

The Red Duke
Once a valorous and honourable knight of the realm, the Red Duke was betrayed and struck down in battle but rose again before death could truly claim him. As a bloodthirsty vampire lord he undertook a long campaign of butchery and terror before being defeated once more, and entombed for all time so that he could never again menace the Old World. But centuries later the witch Jacquetta resurrects this ancient evil, and the Red Duke stalks the night again – a new reign of terror plagues the lands of Bretonnia!

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