This week was abuzz with so much anticipation for Games Day UK. Last year was such a hit, everyone was on the edge of their seat just waiting for a chance to see new pics of anything new being released. Also on the news front this week, we got our first rumor glimpse of what a new Eldar Codex could look like, and a Chaos Contemptor Dreadnaught is now in line.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Games Day UK 2011
I am not going to beat this one over the head. In large it was the 40k community that expected a grand showcase of Necron models not anything GW has lead us to beleive. However, last years Games Day UK was the one event, that even today, I wish I would been able to make it there. This year seemed like a missed opportunity for Games Workshop. Enough of that though.

Forgeworld did show us everything they promised for Games Day. There are some very nice pics mostly shown eariler today. I love the new retro models that Forgeworld Studios are coming out with, and the Contemptor Dreadnaught line is a huge hit.

Monstrous Arcana also looks like something to look forward to. There were a couple of pics that were posted on it, but otherwise I havent got much information on it yet.

Eldar Rumors
It looks like 6th edition is going to be huge next year. Right on its heels either 1 or 2 codexes out should be the Eldar Codex. The rumor post can be found here "Eldar Rumors". I really hope to see eldar next year. As it is now, they are a pretty rare sight on the tabletop.

If we end up seeing a Chaos Legions and an Eldar Codex in the same year, I will probably end up with 2 new armies in one single year. That means broke.

A new Guardian plastic? That was in the rumor set, and even though it seems unplausible that they would redo them, I think they just might. The reason being is all the detail they could get into the model. Compare the old models to the new Dark Eldar warriors, and you can see where this is coming from. I think if a new codex is coming, a new basic Guardian plastic would do the model line some good.

Eldar would be a fantastic army to own alongside my Dark Eldar. I have for years wanted to slowly collect an Eldar Army, and possibly with a new edition and new release, it would be an ideal time to start building one. I would do it slowly though, and finally (hopefully) learn to paint.

Grey Knights Done
Well almost. I still have rhino doors to put on. I have some forgeworld doors, so I am waiting to get those on until later. I also have not quite based all my dreads and only half of the Purifiers. However paint is on, so a majority of the work is done. I have been sick all week, so I have had a little time to really push getting these models ready to go.

My Grey Knight units are still a work in progress, and apparently I am going to need a couple more rhinos. So I am still a couple models short, but not by much now. A couple of rhinos or razorbacks will give me a good variety on being able to field pretty much however I want.

Once complete, its back to my Dark Eldar Conversions.

Rules of Our Game
I ran a new  weekly post this week, to see how it goes. I started the article to help us clarify and navigate those treacherous waters known as the rules. The feedback was pretty positive, and the comment section did an excellent job of not degrading itself into a bunch of drama queens looking for attention. Also the comments given were very well thought out, and gave great insight towards the rules problem in the topic. That in itself is a very positive indication of the people that come here to this site.

So I will continue the weekly post. I will try and find a home for it, probably on Thursdays. I think that makes the weeklhy schedule something like this.

Monday: Faeit 212 BlogExchange (Community blog spotlights)
Tuesday: Pics of the Week (The best of the Pics I find)
Thursday: Rules of Our Game (Rules Clarifications)
Friday: The Words of Faeit (Tactics and Strategy)
Sunday: Presence of Faeit (Weekly Commentary)

I am still doing a lot of work on the blog, but it is taking some time. So the additions will come piecemeal.

Faeit 212 Community News

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