Verge of War is a new game (successfully funded from Kickstarter and delivered) that we have been following here for some time. It started off as a love for their Raptor Minis..... keeping up with their Kickstarter, and now with additional new miniatures that have been released.

Verge of War

My personal pack of Raptors.....

New from Verge of War......
Artwork dedicated to their new upcoming Kickstarter
You can see more when they come up on the Verge of War Facebook page

Verge of War
A preview of miniatures sent my way to check out....


A word on Free Pose Miniatures from Verge of War.
These miniatures can literally be put into an unlimited number of poses they way the are constructed. Now they come in a lot of parts, but for those of you really wanting to customize your miniatures, these are ideal.
They come with manual so that you have a good idea where pieces will be going, but there is a lot of room for customization of weapons and parts.

Army Noble House Knight Free Pose
This is an extremely fun miniature with two large gun options and several melee weapon options. I think this was the miniature I was most impressed with out of the three types I put together. These are very cool tall warriors that are just fun and beautiful minis capable of being used in not only Verge of War but many other games as well.
I can guarantee you will be seeing more of these miniatures. Im dying to get some paint on these guys.

during construction

Run White Shield Run!

Shork Boatswain Free Pose
I just love the huge blades on these guys that I had to do it twice. Not to mention the double blade backed war axes are very cool. These miniatures like other Free Pose minis can be put together in a huge variety of poses and with many options included in the set. I did add a bit from the Noble Knights in the back of the mini (a little bit of cloth to extend out over part of the tail ).

The Cloaks on these guys is rather clever how they wrap around the miniature to give the model that pirate cloak appearance which I ended up really liking. There are two head options.. one with a pirate hat and the ones I put on. (you can see it in this pic from the site).

The Minis....

Whiteshield..... Your not going to make it!

And finally the Pirate Captain.
I will say that this mini surprised me. I had expected it to be not so intricate, detailed and figured I would not like the pose as much. I was wrong on this one. The pose was perfect for a pirate captain and the model really in a great 3 dimensional pose (a pet peeve of mine when minis are rather static and flat).

No whiteshield here. hmmm I think the captain here got him.

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