Today is a lot of information that was revealed yesterday and over the weekend during Warhammer Fest. Today we are getting new Tales of Forbidden Power... background, A new Battle Sister Bulletin showing off the model we saw yesterday, and information on the Everchosen that we also saw from Warhammer Fest.

Tales of Forbidden Power

"Snaggit, Loontenant of the High Gobbapalooza, breathed deeply of the spore-choked air. He willed himself down a rickety series of wooden platform-steps, towards the cavern’s basin and the dense colony of tall and swaying fungi that filled it. Passing the troggoths guarding the Realmgate’s other side had already taxed the grot’s courage, the chance to flaunt his authority wasted on the dim-witted big ’uns. And that was all before entering the fungal asylum itself."
The rest of the article is here

Battle Sister Bulletin
As you saw in our live blog from Warhammer Fest over the weekend, we showcased the first fully painted miniature from the upcoming Sisters of Battle range. It was, in fact, the very same miniature that we first showed off at Warhammer Fest 2018…
The miniature itself is a faithful rendition of a classic piece of Adepta Sororitas artwork by Karl Kopinski, featured most recently on the cover of James Swallow’s novel, Faith & Fire. As you can see from the picture below, the model’s designer, Darren Latham, did an incredible job of matching the Battle Sister’s accoutrements (down to the grenades, rosary beads and relics), as well as the embellishments on her armour.

The Everchosen

Finally, for those of you out there who love a painting contest, perhaps the biggest news of all – later this year, we’re kicking off a global painting competition that anybody can enter! Everchosen is an all-new type of Warhammer painting competition and, with some very special help, we’ve even forged a brand-new prize for the winner to hoist aloft in triumph.

No matter where you live in the world, this will be your chance to achieve painting glory! So, if you’ve ever looked at Golden Demon and thought that you’d love to enter, but there hasn’t been an event held nearby, Everchosen is for you. Maybe you saw the big Contrast reveal at Warhammer Fest and have some awesome plans for the new paints, or maybe you just need an excuse to start a new project.* We’ll have more details soon on how you can get involved in the Everchosen painting competition, but it’s never too early to grab your paints and start honing your skills!

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