The Black Library Live even is just a couple days away and of course there will be authors, seminars, and lots of new books and cds. Here is the latest, along with a slight change in plans going on at the event.

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Black Library Live is just days away, and we’re getting excited. We can’t wait to meet the authors, attend seminars and, of course, pick up lots of lovely books and CDs. There will be plenty of new releases available on the day, some of them available weeks and months before they’ll be in stores. We know you like to be able to plan your purchases, so here’s the list of fantastic new titles – remember to bring a big bag to take them all home in…

Phew! That’s quite a list of fantastic new reads. Guy Haley, Chris Wraight, Rachel Harrison, Dan Abnett and Gav Thorpe will be on hand to sign your new books, and to chat about them, and they’ll be joined by eight other authors, plus various Black Library editors, all eager to give you an insight into their works.
Sadly, William King, who we have previously advertised as attending the event, has had to drop out. As a result, there’s been a slight change to the seminar schedule we published last week. Instead of a Space Wolves seminar, there’s now a seminar about the Heroines of the 41st Millennium, with Rachel Harrison, Phil Kelly and Chris Wraight taking part. You can download the revised seminar schedule below:
If you don’t want to miss out, good news – there are still some tickets available for the event. You can secure yours now on the Eventbrite website – and we’ll see you on Saturday!

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