Continuing the coverage of Warhammer Fest reveals.. Necromunda is up next.

via the Warhammer Community
Firstly, a reminder of what’s out soon! You won’t have long to wait until the latest Delaque gang upgrades are out…

Collecting and playing Necromunda is loads of fun, not least because of the rich and varied cast of characters who can join your gang – the various Hangers-on and Hired Guns that help bring the world of the underhive to life. Soon, you’ll be able to add a bespoke Dome Runner and Ammo-jack to your roster.

Of course, if you’re a House Cawdor player, you’re not concerned with vanities and trifles like “scouting” and “a vague semblance of weapon maintenance”. You’re here to PURGE THE UNBELIEVERS – and you’re in luck!

Known as The Headsman, this deadly executioner will be available to your gang soon. We would have more to show you from Necromunda, but unfortunately we had an unexpected disruption…

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