Forgeworld has new Necromunda and Blood Bowl miniatures coming out next week. Here is the preview.

via Forgeworld on the Warhammer Community

Two infamous Bounty Hunters return to Necromunda, men whose legendary adventures have inspired many an underhive folk tale, men who have had nearly as many aliases as they’ve had hot rat kebabs. Yes, Kal Jericho and his trusted sidekick Scabs are coming back!

Dashing, rugged, rogue, swashbuckler – these are just some of the words that Kal Jericho uses to describe himself. Allegedly the illegitimate son of Lord Helmawr, Kal has time and again proved himself an expert at getting himself out of (and into) trouble. Armed with twin hotshot laspistols and a duelling sabre, he is more than a match for any enemy that tries to get up close and personal.

Scabs, the half-Ratskin, is Kal’s constant companion. Armed with a plasma gun and a stub gun, he’s able to lay down a steady stream of supporting fire while Kal advances and takes all the glory.

Blood Bowl

 and some older classic models will also be available for a short time....

The Halflings, and Kal and Scabs, will be available to pre-order from Saturday! In the meantime, talk tactics (or pie recipes) over on the Blood Bowl Facebook page and tell us which bounty hunters you’re hiring over on the Necromunda Facebook page.

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