Verge of War has launched its second Kickstarter some very interesting models for two new factions for their game. The Kickstarter just went live a few moments ago....

Verge of War Kickstarter

Second Kickstarter Verge of War:  SPACE PIRATES/GODLIKE ASGARS

Verge of war launches its second Kickstarter on May 21, 2019 with two new factions: the Space Pirates and the godlike Asgars. Collisions occur in the Universe Verge of War in 2232.

Verge Of War: a scalable and balanced miniatures wargame with RPG elements, representing planetary battles in the original Sci-Fi Universe. We fulfilled our obligations to our backers, shipped all the orders of our first Kickstarter, dedicated to Human and Seit Factions.

On the Kickstarter 5 levels of Pledges are presented. SPACE PIRATES, ASGAR CIVILIZATION, CONFLICT BOX (PIRATES/ASGARS), FREE POSE SET (for experienced modelers), WAR BOX FOUR FACTIONS(miniatures four factions: Pirate Вands, Asgar, Humans, Seits). Only the first 48 hours free added Pirates Boatswain collectible miniature 130 mm.

The  «Introduction» section describes  the fundamental differences of Verge of War Wargame, introduces the game factions and their features. The “Universe” section is full of descriptions of the miniatures design, various units, stories about the divine houses of Asgar and the secret space bases of the Pirates.

«2232 year… Four years passed since the first clash of the Human Empire and the Seit Dominion… And the Galaxy changed… Forever… Greedy, ambitious and cunning humans joined pirate warbands and turned them into a bane of galactic routes. Their raider fleets have become a threat that only the greatest states are able to counter.
«Enough! The young ones crossed the line. We are here. We will teach the young ones a lesson». The Galaxy froze, having heard this voice and footsteps of the gods returning from oblivion…”
The future is uncertain - Your shape it!

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