Vanguard and Deadzone have new pre-orders up with new releases to tie into them. Deadzone is a fun and quick game and although I have not yet played Vanguard, its on my list to get a game in.

Here is the latest from Mantic Games

Deadzone Update....

Command Protocols: Escalation is almost here! After the massive success of last year's supplement, Outbreak, we're back with another game-changing addition to Deadzone. Escalation is a whopping 120-pages but for the same price as the 88-page Outbreak, because we're nice like that.

  • Escalation is an essential purchase for all Deadzone fans as it includes:
  • the latest stats for all factions
  • the latest abilities for all factions
  • the updated missions
  • at least one new unit for all factions
  • brand-new multi mat scenarios
  • brand-new interactive scenery rules
  • brand-new mercenary faction
  • the Volt Chasers sub faction for the Veer-myn

Kings of War Vanguard

The Vanguard Goblins Mega Bundle contains the ultimate collection of goblins for Vanguard players. Including:

Resin Stinggit
Resin Sneak
10 Hard Plastic Goblin Spitters
Metal Rabble Upgrade Pack
2 x Resin Luggits
Metal Spitter
2 x Metal Rabble
Resin Banggit
Resin Snaggit
Resin Winggit
Resin Mawpup Launcher
BONUS! Metal Wiz
BONUS! Metal Biggit
BONUS! Metal Magwa and Jo'os
Bases and Warband Cards

Faeit 212 Community News

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