This is making the rounds and while it does look similar to the format we see sent out to retailers, I find it a little hard to believe that the list has already been made like this to send out to them. So with that, give this some salt. It appears to have been removed from the site. So "maybe", since we were hearing rumors some time ago about airbrush paints.

Please take this as rumors until we hear just a little bit more. Especially since someone trying to mess with everyone could easily make format this. I also notice that prices were not listed. hmmm.

via some mysterious place on Facebook, but captured by Halandaar on Bolter and Chainsword before being removed off of Facebook. (at least I did not find it)

In March this was the rumor we had been told..... and so far its correct.

Rumors via several anonymous sources 
No colored plastic.
Instead a new massive paint release in May/June (the timeline was mentioned and not confirmed by the other sources). This will be a huge expansion on the current paint range.
This will include a airbrush paints with the return of old paints and a new "blending" type of paint that will be very slow drying.

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