What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to natfka@live.com

Hey Natfka,
saw your recent post over on Faeit 212 about the lack of content for "What's On Your Table", and I am only to happy to chip in ;)

Find enclosed some pictures of my #HeroQuest2019 project that has kept me occupied for much of this year so far: Like many other hobbyists, I got into the hobby by way of the venerable HeroQuest (I received a copy as a Christmas present, back when it was released), and to finally own a fully painted copy has been one of my hobby dreams ever since -- a dream that has now finally become a reality! And during the year of HeroQuest's 30th anniversary, no less ;)

I've had a blast with this project, and I have also discovered along the way, thanks to places like the "Ye Olde Inn" forum, among others, that HeroQuest is almost a hobby unto itself. I've also expanded on the stock models here and there to create my custom versions for characters like the captive Sir Ragnar, the Orc Warlord Ulag or recurring HeroQuest villain the Witch Lord.

More pictures of my HeroQuest models can be found over on my blog, Eternal Hunt, in case anyone's interested:


Keep up the excellent work and all the best!

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