Its been a long time in waiting but the conclusion of the Horus Heresy saga is coming to it's inevitable conclusion. While I don't normally delve into the Black Library books I have read a considerable number of them and will be again here. Its time to catch up on any books you have missed and get into the "final season" of the Horus Heresy.

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The Siege of Terra is the biggest event to hit Black Library fiction in ten thousand years (or at least as long as there’s been Black Library). The conclusion to the epic Horus Heresy saga, it’s an intricately-plotted 8-book series that will detail the war for the Throneworld and the future of the Imperium.
We can now unveil the Siege of Terra website, your guide to this new series. It has an overview of the setting, profiles of the authors and a look at The Solar War, complete with a summary of the story and profiles of several major characters. The site will be updated as each new book is released, making it the ultimate resource for everyone interested in this legendary saga. Check it out now!
The series begins in earnest this weekend when The Solar War hits shelves worldwide. This is a landmark moment for Horus Heresy fans everywhere, as it is truly the beginning of the end. For thirteen years, since Dan Abnett’s Horus Rising first introduced us all to the Imperium of the 31st Millennium through the eyes of Luna Wolves Captain Garviel Loken, Horus’ rebellion has been leading to one place – Terra itself. And now it’s arrived.
This is the culmination of an epic journey. 54 books, comprising novels and anthologies of novellas and short stories, have explored the years of war that followed Warmaster Horus’ betrayal of his father, the Emperor of Mankind. Each of the 18 Space Marine Legions has had their story told, from the Ultramarines’ bold defiance in the face of seeming disaster to the World Eaters’ descent into savagery. Each of the primarchs has had their moment to shine – even poor Ferrus Manus… Battles have been won and lost across the length and breadth of the Imperium and heroes have risen and been cruelly cut down.

Along the way, all manner of mysteries have been unveiled. From the origins of the Ruinstorm to the trio of primarchs who formed their own Imperium Secundus, and from the truth about the Alpha Legion (or is it…? Always hard to tell with those guys) to the ascension of the daemon primarchs, there have been no shortage of surprises… and there are more to come.

The war has finally reached the Throneworld, and whether you’ve been an ardent reader of the series from the very start or are a newcomer just jumping in with The Solar War, there’s going to be plenty to thrill and shock you across the next eight books. If you are new to the Horus Heresy, this is a great opportunity to get in at the start of something awesome. You don’t need any prior knowledge to read the Siege of Terra books – though if you’ve devoured every word so far, there will be loads of things that resonate with the stories you’ve enjoyed over the years. You’ll no doubt thrill in seeing what heroic acts your favourite characters perform – and what gruesome fates await them.

You can pre-order The Solar War now, or pick it up from your local Warhammer store this Saturday.

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