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Day 2 of Warhammer Fest.... on yea... Call your Mom or your dice will go bad

Warhammer Fest is going on now for day 2.... but if your in the US.... its Mother Day. (Dont forget or your dice will for the rest of year be sour.)

For us here. Its an hour + a little drive to the beach for Moms. Time to go! Cya later in the afternoon guys. (oh yea... Game of Thrones when I get back!!!! whoa. Crazy day.

via the Warhammer Community

We told you there was more on the way for The Horus Heresy! Book 9 of the renowned campaign series draws closer, and with it, some incredible new Dark Angels models that allow you to show off the baroque Calibanite stylings of these stern and knightly warriors on the tabletop.

In Book 9, the Dark Angels will be battling against the Night Lords and their Dark Mechanicum allies. Fittingly, we’ve seen some awesome new Mechanicum Knights based on the Armiger chassis and featuring all manner of strange weapons…

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[2:00PM BST] Video Games, Cards and More!
We’ve just been checking out the stands in the main hall, and getting stuck in with the latest Warhammer video games, accessories, apparel and more.

First up, we’ve got Chaosbane – a thrilling hack and slash set in the dark depths of the Old World. Fans have had their first demo, battling through the sewers of Nuln against the corrupting forces of Nurgle…

Our friends at PlayFusion, meanwhile, have been showing off the latest expansion for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions! Veterans have had the chance to prove their skills in the championship, while newcomers to the game have been able to learn the ropes with demos throughout the weekend.

Chaos and Conquest will allow you to indulge your inner Chaos overlord on the go. Available later this year for Android and iOS, you’ll be able to build mighty empires, rally troops and conquer your foes – or friends, if you’re giving PVP a go!

Bandai are on hand showing off the awesome new Primaris Space Marine action figure. Fans have been crowding round to get their first look at this articulated, 7-inch-tall figure and also the set of smaller Warhammer 40,000 SD collectables. If you’d like more info, check out our announcement from last week.

Cubicle 7, the award-winning team behind Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, brought the new starter set along and also some of their impressive new Reikland maps. As well as running demo games across the weekend, they also hosted a seminar today, talking all about the game.

The most stylish Warhammer fans can be found at the Wild Bangarang stall! Launching 25 new designs at Warhammer Fest, attendees have been picking up clothing including leggings, jerseys and sweatpants.

Attendees at Warhammer Fest have had the chance to play through the upcoming expansion for smash-hit Vermintide. You’ve smashed through the Skaven, you’ve annihilated the followers of Nurgle – but how will you fare against the Beastmen?

Warhammer Art are also in attendance, giving people the opportunity to get their hands on some awesome artwork from the worlds of Warhammer. They produce stunning pieces in loads of formats that are perfect for any gallery or gaming room wall!

Lastly, we’ve had a very early look at Warhammer Underworlds: Onlinewith the first-ever playable demo! Even at this early stage, the game looks great, bringing all the thrills of the ultimate competitive miniatures game to your PC in gorgeous detail.

It’s amazing to see Shadespire itself in such detail, the ruined streets and twisted labyrinths of the cursed city brought to life on screen.
We’ll be back in a bit with more updates, so check back shortly for highlights from the Horus Heresy Preview.