There is not a whole lot of anything coming out this week, but we now know there will be 34 Contrast Paints coming next week along with two foundation sprays and two new base paints. Here is what is going on this week from Games Workshop, and a little peak into the following.......

Here is what is coming to pre-order next week. This is what they are telling retailers.

  • 34 paints from across the colour spectrum (18 ml)
  • A base paint and shade paint all-in-one
  • The Citadel Contrast paints will be accompanied by some other new paints: two foundation sprays and two new base paints.
  • You can find detail on the Citadel Contrast paints and how to use them on Warhammer Community.
  • What do the professional painters think of our new Citadel Contrast paints? Find out by watching this video from Warhammer TV.

Here is an image of the new spray paints (yea I know they are small and blurry)
and one for the two new base paints.

Coming This Week..... UK pricing

via anonymous sources of course.

Black Library

Updated with US/CA Prices

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