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Forbidden Power Unboxed

Taking a look at the new Forbidden Power coming to pre-orders this weekend.

via the Warhammer Community

The Box

Forbidden Power is big. We mean really, really big. Here’s what it looks like towering over an unsuspecting Stormcast Eternal. What wonders could lie within?

Opening It Up

Ah, there’s nothing quite like that new-box smell, is there?
Inside the Forbidden Power set, you’ll find sprues for building your very own Penumbral Engine – a mysterious scenery piece available to any army…
…some deathly endless spells…
…warscroll cards with rules for the above, plus the new Dominion of Sigmar scenery…
…handy tokens for keeping track of Forbidden Power related stuff…
…core rules…
And last, but very far from least, the Forbidden Power book!

Forbidden Power – The Book

Forbidden Power is more than just spells and sorcery – it’s a fully fledged campaign expansion and the next chapter in the ongoing story of the Age of Sigmar. Core to this is the Forbidden Power book, which tells the story of the opening of the Stormvaults and sees some massive developments for the Mortal Realms. For the story alone, Forbidden Power is awesome, featuring a massive cast of characters.
The developments in Forbidden Power will shape the future of the Age of Sigmar forever – you may even find a few tantalising hints as to what the future might hold within. Also, the art is amazing.
You’ll be able to bring these epic battles to your tabletop with loads of new rules. An in-depth campaign system allows you to quest for the Stormvaults and obtain powerful artefacts that level-up between games (more on that later in the week!) and take your battles to Stygxx, a Realm of Battle with its own sorceries, command abilities and special rules for you to master.
Also included in the book are two new army lists that let you bring the forces from Forbidden Power to any of your games. Perhaps you’ll field the Lethisian Defenders army – a combined force of Stormcast EternalsIdoneth DeepkinKharadron OverlordsFyreslayers and Excelsior Warpriests that excels at grinding defensive warfare, complete with allegiance abilities, prayers, artefacts and more.
Or perhaps you’ll field the Legion of Grief – a new Legion of Nagash led by Lady Olynder herself who allow you to combine the terrifying might of the Nighthaunt’s full roster with Bravery-manipulating game mechanics, gravesites and more…
And if two new armies wasn’t enough, Forbidden Power features a new system that allows armies of any Grand Alliance to take Mercenary allies from the Fyreslayers or Flesh-eater Courts – offering you a great excuse to grab a Magmadroth