What are we waiting for? There are some great 40k releases on the near horizon from the Chaos Knights to Adeptus Mechanicus. Not to mention that we are still waiting  on the Adepta Sororitas sometime later this summer/year.

While it may not be true, it does always feel that Warhammer 40,000 is always sidelined and smaller games are given priority. Perhaps because it's the primary game out of these that I collect and play, but even it's not true Warhammer 40,000 is still their primary game system (sorry, no offense intended Sigmarians).

Yea... Kill Team is great. Yea, Adeptus Titanicus was a long time coming and Necromunda is at it's own height right now. Those are technically all related to 40k, but they are not 40k. If anything the feeling that I have is that all these other small games are diluting and impeding the advancement of 40k which at one point had a strong focus from the company. Yea, we get the occasional Battle Sister Bulletin, or preview.

I am really hoping for something exciting coming in tomorrows preview (which is really the point of this article). What will we see.

Things 40k fans are looking for........
1. Chaos Knights
2. Adeptus Mechanicus
3. Adeptas Sororitas
4. Primaris Space Marine Updates (new codex coming?)

Anything else I miss this morning?

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