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New Video on Contrast Paints+ New Citadel Painting Website

The Warhammer Community has a new video up with some excellent painters taking a look at and commenting on what they thought of the new Contrast Paints. I for one am looking forward to trying a few of these to see exactly what it can do, and hoping that a few tutorials appear on their sites for doing so and getting the best results.

Oh yea... at the end of the video is a new sit opening up called that will be a one stop location for painting.......

via the Warhammer Community
In the hands of any painter, Contrast makes painting awesome-looking armies simple.

For an experienced painter, though, Contrast is a tool that opens up all sorts of new painting possibilities.

But don’t just take our word for it.

When we develop a brand-new thing – be it a game, army, or expansion – we seek out experts in the community to help us make it the best it can be.

And paint is no different. Enter the experts…

When we were developing Contrast, we wanted to make sure that this revolutionary new paint was as awesome for experts as it was new hobbyists – and so, we invited some of the world’s best miniatures painters to Warhammer World for a weekend of experimentation with members of our own studio painting teams.

After they were done, we asked them what they thought of the new paints