Cerberus Studios is a newer studio producing miniatures for rpgs and tabletop games. They had ran a Kickstarter last year and are now and running with their current miniatures line. There are some very cool minis here and I have a few of them now to really take a closer look.

Cerberus Studios

First off Cerberus Studios gives you an impressive first impression with their high quality box which is just slick. You immediately feel like this is a quality product before you even open the box. My wife was there looking at what I had received in the mail and for her, who is not into miniatures at all, she was going "OOoooo, these look nice." And Yes, the box was not even open.

Inside you will find miniatures separated by plastic bags and sprue or two for each miniature. Assembly is a breeze and again with Cerberus the resin is wonderful to work with. Its got that soft feeling to it and yet is extremely detailed and durable. Here are a few pics of the mini's as I first took a look at them.

Assembly. Very little flash on these guys and I could not find any bubbles or issues with the miniatures. You can see I was starting to put them together in the pic above.

Here is a set though of the finished miniatures....

Raktagar - The Fire Forged Champion


Korvina - The Nefarious Domino

The Veiled Emissary

The Kyrios - Battle Kin

The Slaver

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