If you've been here for awhile you know of the awesome Dwarves from Atlantis Miniatures, but have you had a chance to check out the Mythology sets that are now available?

Ive recently had a chance to get a closer look at some of the new Mythology miniatures and just like the Dwarves... they have a great amount of detail. Great details and the sculpts are beautifully done.

Atlantis Miniatures...... 

Mythology Creatures..

First off this is by far my favorite resin. Flexible and durable. Its easy to trim and or cut as it has a softness and great details to it that makes it my favorite resin for miniatures.

Great details on this Minotaur. He is part of a 3 miniature set or available individually

The Mythology set has quite the collection of Mythological creatures centered around Greek Mythology and includes the following miniatures..... (this is from the Atlantis Miniatures site)

The poses are dynamic and for collectors, painters, and even sliding these into your games, these are just what you are needing. Here is the a couple pics of the miniatures.

Id say the Centaur is one of my favorite poses and would fit right into a diorama display.

The Satyrs.......

My daughters favorite......

One of the great things about these miniatures is just how easily they go together. While the poses are what they are, (most miniatures being 2-4 parts for assembly), the sculpts are excellent and either in great poses or full of movement.

After putting together an entire army of Atlantis Miniatures Dwarves and now seeing the Mythology set.... (Im really desperate for that Manticore next), Im really a fan of the miniatures being put out. This leads me to another cool item of news... In the next few days the next chapter is Wood Elves for Atlantis Miniatures. 

Very excited to see this hit.

Wood Elves.......
Wood Elves are coming to Kickstarter from Atlantis Miniatures and while we will be showing them off more here when the Kickstarter launchers... here is a preview of what is coming... I like these a lot.

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