A closer look at the new scenery coming to pre-orders tomorrow.

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Building awesome battlefields in the Mortal Realms is about to get even easier! In today’s Forbidden Power preview, we’re checking out the new Dominion of Sigmar scenery, as well as looking at the rules for the Penumbral Engine – a nifty new choice available to every army.

Penumbral Engines

Over the past year, many Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies have received scenery pieces offering all manner of unusual benefits to their forces, like the Herdstone and the Fane of Slaanesh. Forbidden Power gives every army the option of tactical scenery with the Penumbral Engine.

In the lore, many armies have stolen Penumbral Engines from the Stormvaults – you can learn more in our preview from earlier this week. In the game, this means you can add a Penumbral Engine to your army, offering some great in-game benefits. At the beginning of the battle, you’ll roll to see just how all Penumbral Engines on the battlefield are behaving throughout the game.

Whether you’re getting additional command points or a bonus to your saving throws, the Penumbral Engine makes for a great lynchpin in your battle-lines! Be careful, however, for every battle round, there’s a chance your Penumbral Engine will switch its function…

Penumbral Engines make for great neutral terrain in your battles, with their powerful and unpredictable effects making them tactically interesting to battle over. They’re also designed to fit onto the rest of the Dominion of Sigmar scenery.

Dominion of Sigmar Scenery

The Dominion of Sigmar scenery – available to pre-order at the same time as Forbidden Power – is designed to add a whole new dimension to your games, letting you add extra thematic and tactical depth to your battlefields with ease. Designed to resemble the ancient temple-complexes and holy citadels of the Age of Myth, they really help bring the Mortal Realms to life on your tabletop.

They’re not just cool looking, either – each Dominion of Sigmar scenery piece has been designed with gaming in mind. Each blocks line of sight and adds elevated positions for you to battle over.

The Dominion of Sigmar scenery is available in a number of kits with suggested builds. Each also has its own warscroll, allowing you to properly reflect the unpredictable power of the Stormvaults with bespoke rules. The Enduring Stormvault, for instance, can be unlocked by nearby heroes in search of treasure.

If you’re feeling creative, you’re free to mix and match each kit to create incredible structures of your own imagining. Jungle-choked temples covered in vines and bracken, skull-strewn catacombs beneath Hammerhal… we’re incredibly excited to see what you guys come up with.
You’ll be able to pre-order your Dominion of Sigmar kits and Forbidden Power tomorrow!

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