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The Artefacts of Forbidden Power

Within the Stormvaults are awakened artefacts that grow in power through the campaign. Here is the latest on Forbidden Power... available this coming weekend for pre-orders.

via the Warhammer Community
In our latest Forbidden Power preview, we’re looking at the Stormvault Campaign and awakened artefacts – a new way to connect your games and forge epic narratives in the Mortal Realms.

The Stormvault Campaign

In the Stormvault Campaign, you and your opponents each race to unlock the Stormvaults, duking it out  through a series of bespoke battleplans in search of treasure and glory. There’s a twist, however – in this campaign, you’ll have access to mysterious artefacts that increase in power over the course of your games.

Awakened Artefacts

At the beginning of your second game in the Stormvault Campaign, you’ll be able to pick an awakened artefact, representing one of the many terrifying and wondrous treasures sealed in the Stormvaults during the Age of Myth. This behaves like an artefact of power, but has the potential to grow in strength with each of your games!
Each awakened artefact can be empowered by completing specific challenges, unlocking new tiers of abilities and eventually becoming incredibly deadly. Let’s take a look at Gheistbane to demonstrate…
Gheistbane is a melee-focused awakened artefact that grows in power as you slay enemies. This adds a new dynamic to your games for you and enemies. Do they try and slay the wielder of Gheistbane early in the battle, or do they risk you gaining a level and becoming stronger in the campaign overall? Do you hold back with your hero, or do you get stuck in early on to make the maximum impact? It’s not just magic swords, either – there are awakened artefacts for wizards, magical shields, strange talismans and more.
By the end of a Stormvault campaign, the heroes you and your friends have chosen to bear awakened artefacts will feel truly legendary, sundering entire regiments with their strikes, unleashing furious magical bombardments and harnessing strange and sinister powers, leading to some incredible moments on the tabletop! At the very least, it’ll spice up your next gaming night.
You’ll be able to unlock your awakened artefacts soon – make sure to pre-order Forbidden Power this weekend!